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Thursday, 10 March 2011

New analysis of the ACCORD study

“The intensive use of therapy to chase aggressive blood sugar targets in patients with type 2 diabetes results in increased five-year mortality, a new analysis of the ACCORD study shows”

A paragraph from the original study.

“At enrolment, ACCORD participants averaged 62 years of age and were obese. In addition to having type 2 diabetes for an average of 10 years, about one-third had pre-existing heart disease, and the remainder had at least two additional cardiovascular disease risk factors. They also had high blood sugar, as measured by the haemoglobin A1C test, which shows average blood sugar in the preceding two to three months. Half of participants had an A1C over 8.1 percent - above the currently recommended target for good control. A1C values in people without diabetes are less than 6 percent”

Need I say more ! Most of the participants had one foot in the grave before the trial started ! Some use this study to convince us we should not go for non diabetic numbers, idiots !


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John said...

If my memory is correct, one of the drugs used to chase aggressive blood targets was Avandia. Avandia was withdrawn after concern over deaths. So the participants not only had one foot in the grave, they were also given a helping push!