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Wednesday 15 January 2014

Fennel featured food of the day

From the same family as the herb and seed of the same name, it's also known as Florence fennel, finocchio, or sweet fennel, is very popular in Italian cookery. When eaten raw, the texture is crisp and the flavour is quite assertive and anisseedy. Cooked, it's softer and more mellow.

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All the best Jan


Anonymous said...

You do like hopping Jan. You must be fit.

Lowcarb team member said...

Yes I am very fit. I was a PE teacher for over twenty years and have never weighed more than 130 lbs. in my life. The low carb high fat lifestyle suits me very well.


Anonymous said...

It's always nice to see good food highlighted and talked about.Fennel is not something I would usually buy, so thanks for the info.

I just wondered if I ate it would I be able to 'hop' like Jan? Perhaps not , I'll stick to walking at my age.

More of the same please.