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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Great Grovels !

Over at Kens forum the rubber Ramada. From Sid Bonkers aka the village idiot.

“Both you and Ken are sorely missed there you know, which is why I always check in here too”
“I agree with Sid, it ain’t the same without you” Carol

Sorely missed, yea, like a bad case of piles. Ain’t the same without you, he never left. He is still causing mayhem. Check out the lunatic Angeleyes.

The great grovel of the week goes to Nigel aka Nobhead at When realising his high carb low fat chums were getting a good kicking bleated.

“Time to put this one to bed IMHO, there's a lot of point scoring going on which isn't achieving all looks very unfriendly and confrontational to those viewing the forum for the very first time”

This from a guy that thinks Diabetes is a Welsh rock group.

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Lowcarb team member said...

More from Sid Plonker

"A good point Nigel and why ban breakfast cereal either, I eat Cornflakes almost every morning, 16g measured out on my scales, thats 13.5g of carbohydrate plus a little for the splash of simi skimmed I have on it."

Thats about 60 cals plus milk for breakfast thats a starvation diet, even a toddler needs more.

Absolute stark raving Bonkers at Dcuk