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Saturday, 28 January 2012

Why all the agro ?

If you check out this blog, you will find 750 posts and thousands of comments. The majority are links to scientific papers, diabetes articles in magazines and recipe sites, and items on food and simple easy to make low carb meals and food. Some posts highlight the corruption, for that’s what it is, and the strangle hold Global food companies have over the food most people eat. Almost on a daily basis, we hear horror stories regarding big Pharma. Fines of billions of $ for selling off prescription, falsification of trial data, testing new drugs on poor children, in countries were the laws are lax, or the people poorly educated, the list is long. Class action legal cases of people maimed, crippled and very often killed, by drugs the manufactures knew were dangerous. Conspiracy theorist ? Paranoid ? Check it out for yourself. Half an hour on Google reveals enough horror to stun a thinking person. Drug companies know, most drugs don’t work on most people and that’s a fact. Now, not working is bad enough, but as we all know, many of these drugs have multiple side effects, very often far worse than the condition they were supposed to be curing. Diabetes has no cure, and I very much doubt there will ever be an effective cure. There is countless billions being made, and hundreds of thousands employed in the diabetes business.

Yes that’s what it is, a business. Us diabetics are numbers on a spreadsheet. As Stalin once said, one death is a tragedy, a million dead is a statistic. Most of us are a statistic, the big wide world does not give a monkeys for people like us. Most people have heard the expression regarding Banks ‘too big to fail’ the same applies to multination food outfits and big pharma, governments depend on them for tax revenues. Many argue that multinational companies control governments, I would not argue with that. So, why all the agro ?

People like us are powerless against large corporations that are corrupt to the core, and believe me they are corrupt to the core. Riddled with deceit, lies and illegal practises. An example made the news yesterday stated James Murdoch had stood down from the board of Glaxo. He was a non exective director on the ethics committee. Are you getting my drift ? Making the Mafia head of the Inland Revenue service couldn’t be much worse. So, why the agro ?

One of the great things the internet has brought is the exchange of information. Information exchanged between ordinary people like us. For us diabetics forums and blogs can be life savers. It was at our team found Fergus Craig. Without Fergus, Dennis, Timo, Trinkwasser, Dr. Katharine Morrison and others, I dread to think were we would be today. Still consuming the starchy carbs, not bothering to test, health going down hill fast. These people are all gone from the forum. Sick of wasting their time, arguing against people, that had nothing better to do, than cause trouble, spread fear and alarm, and push the same old misinformation, that has put millions in an early grave. Dr.Jay Wortman would have been a fantastic asset to, as was Dr. Katharine Morrison. These are doctors that went against the stupidity that is the diabetes advice given by so many Doctors, Scientists on the payroll, and poorly educated Dietitions. Remember the resident dietition ? Fours years ago we told we risked scurvy, osteoporosis, cognitive disorder, constipation, cancer etc etc. We are all doing very well, thanks to people long gone. All is not lost at diabetes. Benedict is doing a good job, the mods are allowing freedom of speech, and the forum has some new informed and active people, but the attacks against common sense, goes on, on and off the forum.

An example over at Carbo’s blog posted yesterday at the bottom of this post. Carbo, like Ken is another fired forum mod, that leads the small group of retards, that continue the eat the starchy carbs, good fats will kill you brigade. Many of the long term old dogma pushers are using insulin, some are on pumps, all get a good supply of test strips, and access to experts. Most diabetics are type two’s, many at diagnosis are heavily over weight. When are the stupid, nothing better to do lowcarb antis going to learn. Most of us have no choice other than lowcarb. It’s lowcarb or insulin. Most type two meds at best will reduce HbA1c by two points, that would have left me in the tens, and I suspect many others. We will continue to keep an eye on the disrupters, and troll ex mods, the people that post ludicrous dietary information, the people that have all the benefits, that the NHS can bring, who ridicule the newbie’s, and the confused long term out of control, the diabetics that are told to eat the starchy carbs, no need to test, and don’t even get to see their own doctor for diabetes guidance.
The fight goes on, and we fight rough ! Lives are at stake !


“There is a double act at the moment on DCUK, Borofergie and Grazer. They pretend that they can manage everybody's diabetes regardless of what type. They do not like being questioned about anything that they post and will turn very aggressive if they are challenged. They rely on each other for support when the going gets tough and see themselves an invincible”

“Could they really be the Ediot and Dick or some of his henchmen or have they been enrolled to cause disruption so that the Ediot has something to write on his blog?” “I think the poor troll is going to implode- loads of posts, some of them are even sensible but mostly a bitch about other people! Next the made up emails - any fool can tell he wrote them! Give up mate - no one is interested in personal and rude attacks about people”


Anonymous said...

eddie - you are the one generating the aggro - you keep posting about ken etc - no one is interested in your blog because that is all it is about - look at the lack of posts on anything but the bile you post. I think you make half the posts up as they all sound the same. Give it a rest old chap or you will make yourself ill!

Anonymous said...

Why do type one diabetics spend so much time preeching to low carbing type twos. NHS papers show they have far worse control than type twos.

Lowcarb team member said...

Analysis provides a means of sweeping away vapid generalisations. We await yours? As stated above - "you will find 750 posts and thousands of comments. The majority are links to scientific papers, diabetes articles in magazines and recipe sites, and items on food and simple easy to make low carb meals and food".

Anonymous said...

"no one is interested in your blog"

Ive just had a look at Carbophiles blog and what Ive seen is completely at odds with the above statement. A large majority of the posts and comments are aimed at this blog, the few other topics are either ignored or or at best get two or three comments. Take the steps post were carbo is looking for plaudits he gets a miserly three comments. While the mere mention of Eddie guarantees a myriad of comments.