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Monday, 21 October 2013

Give me a break ! I don’t need a bra !

I had to laugh today, what do they know about me I thought ? I had a two month holiday over the summer. Far too much sitting around on a lake or river bank fishing and way too much booze. I put on about ten pounds or so of blubber. Still to be shifted. The situation not helped by my favourite Pub about one mile from  my favourite lake and on the way home. Ok, you may be thinking get to the point, what are you raving about today. Bear with me.

We get lot’s of spam and unsolicited emails to our website, some good, some bad. This came in today from a PR company.

“A bra that completely re-imagines design, fit, shape and comfort, has made its pre-sale debut this week. The KewiBra uses floating technology to lift all the weight of the breasts and give a fully customized fit for cups sizes D, DD and above.

Flaunting its revolutionary form and promising women with larger cup sizes relief from pain and discomfort, the Kewi Bra has a strapless design with two groundbreaking inner cups that hold the bottom of each breast for a custom fit.

Stylish, elegant and discreet, the bra offers ample support and a comfortable, confident fit without applying pressure on the shoulders, back or neck.”

OK I have put on some blubber, but Jeez I am a long way from needing a bra.


My local here, great booze and grub, it's a tough life but someones gotta do it. Always great lowcarb meals available. Just tell them Eddie sent you, and you will probably be banned on the spot Ha Ha.


Lowcarb team member said...

Ha Ha! I do believe they've targeted the wrong blog here Eddie! - that kind of advertising would be more appropriate to be aimed at Carbo's blog where having "Moobs like Jabba" is the name of the game!


Anonymous said...

Your local looks a great place.


Anonymous said...

Spam emails can be an pain, occasionally you do receive one which may be of interest. Is spam the equivalent of telesales I wonder?

"Moobs like Jabba" why can't I think of that? Great statement Paul.


Anonymous said...

Telesales I say not interested and hang up,spam I use my delete button.Suppose eveyone is just trying to do their job but I find it irritating.
Your local looks good if ever I'm that way may pop and give it a try.

Paul B