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Thursday, 5 June 2014

Carbsane (the bloated blogger) 0 Heather (Pepper) Culpepper 6

I was very pleased to hear of another low carb supporter and promoter yesterday called Pepper. This lady has had her share of problems in her time (who hasn’t) but a low carb diet has turned her life around, and she is doing her best to help others with an excellent blog. Check out Pepper’s blog here. So far so good eh, err no.

Pepper has made one huge mistake, she has dared to enter the bottomless pit of failure and despair known as ‘The Carbsane Asylum’ run by the morbidly obese Evelyn Kocur aka the bloated blogger ! Pepper has dared to question the font of all dietary knowledge, she has dared to question the bloated one. Evelyn Kocur has dedicated her entire life to hurling vitriol and snide remarks at just about anyone that ever wrote a book on Paleo or Low Carb. Pepper asked some straight questions and made a few comments.

Immediately, the Evie acolytes, and misfits, lead by long term chief henchman, and number one arse licker Charles Grashow sprung into action. Grashow you may recall was awarded the Golden Gezza here, and the Golden Turd here, spends his life, galloping from blog to blog like a demented chimp on speed, asking mundane questions, telling people how good his latest blood work is, and generally winding low carbers and paleo bloggers up. In short, Kocur and Grashow et al are arguably the biggest waste of space on the internet. They ridicule and slag off almost everything and everyone, but they stand for nothing, deadbeats with a chip on their shoulders the size of a house, the saddest assembly of hide in the shadows losers you will ever come across.


The Carbsane cesspit is here.

Grashow's grotto is here.


Anonymous said...

That particular comments section is quite, umm, disturbing.

It's like channel surfing and accidentally getting stuck on Parliament Question Time where the pollies are 'debating'. The childish humour is eerily similar.

Unknown said...

Good morning!
Last night I realized that my interaction with CarbSane could serve as a life lesson. I've questioned people much, much more educated than she (such as the first time I dared to step onto an Atheist forum to see what all the fuss was about, or the summer I spent going back and forth with a Creationist. The two things these sorts of people have in common is that they lack the ability to have a respectful, open dialogue that asks some tough questions. The hallmark of a mature person is to admit when they've made a mistake and to correct it. The thing I learned about going up against a person such as CarbSane and Creationists is that no matter how logical of an argument you lay out, they are going to stick their fingers in their ears and go, "la la la la la, I can't hear you!" Also, I think if CarbSane spent as much time exercising and eating a healthy diet (heck, you don't have to go LC to eat healthy) she might not have time to launch personal attacks against others with whom she disagrees. There is no room in which she would concede a point. Ever. And that's just not doing science right.

Lowcarb team member said...

What use is the carbsane blog ? Who benefits ? Who has read threads and improved their health ? Who ever found a good recipe there or way to control BG with minimal medication ?

Where are all the weight loss stories ? Oh I forgot, she says it's not a diet blog. Where is the book she was trumpeting a short while ago "Restriction Addiction"


Lori Miller said...

I haven't seen comments from Charles since I started Adopt-a-Troll. (But then, I don't go to asylums.)

Unknown said...

Birds of a feather flock together, I guess. I only spent one day there and it really stressed me out and that's not healthy for anyone. I do have to admit that I didn't know who Jimmy Moore was until I went on her blog, and he's a very interesting man. Lots of good, quality content there.
For every time I've failed at my diet, I have learned something from it that allowed me to grow. That's the point of a mistake, it is supposed to teach you. Unfortunately, it turns some people into bitter, hateful people who are too toxic to function at a healthy level.

Lowcarb team member said...


Trina (carbsane bootlicker)said...

Did you seriously just call Evelyn "sweetie"? What are you ... 22?! Pretty disrespectful IMO.

The narcissistic bloated blogger said...

You do not get to come on my blog and disrespect me because of your perception of my delivery. Goodbye.

Oh Pepper how could you disrespect
the bloated blogger, you should treat her with the same respect she herself showed to you and many other bloggers.

Carbsane swears by CICO as her preferred dietary solution for the obesity/diabetes epidemic, she successfully follows this WOE herself, when I say successfully this only applies to the Calories in (Lindor Truffles) she has failed miserably on the second part of the equation.


Unknown said...

I meant to mention something but I knew it would get nowhere, so I'll bring it up here.

If CICO is the only way we can lose weight, then why do people gain weight like crazy on meds like Seroquel, Zyprexa and Gabapentin. Mood stabilizers are notorious for causing weight gain even when no change in diet has been made, up or down, and in most cases many people start exercising to no avail. I'm not sure what the mechanism is that causes AD's and Mood Stabilizers to put weight on some people. If anyone has insight as to why this is, please let me know. Pepper

Lowcarb team member said...

Meanwhile back at the fat ones blog:

Rosie May carbsane • 9 hours ago

That blog that she's gone to for solace is notorious for slagging people off, so there's hypocrisy for you. Miss or Mrs Culpepper please read through the former posts on that blog and wonder why you went to a blog that's a septic tank of verbal abuse and personal attacks.

Oh dear pot and kettle spring to mind.

Mind you if our blog is a septic tank then carbsane and her acolytes would be the contents!


Pepper Culpepper said...

One has to wonder why they're even worried about what I'm doing. Don't these people have better things to do?

Lowcarb team member said...

"Don't these people have better things to do?"

In short, no is the answer. The antis stand for nothing, they promote nothing, they help and encourage no one.

They are a bunch of ego tripping misfits, only interested in massaging their own egos.


Pepper Culpepper said...

It's like this, I don't want to know what you're AGAINST, I want to know what you're FOR. I repeatedly asked her the same question worded differently on a number of threads. I never got a valid answer and if I did it was veiled with venomous hate. BTW, I should mention that because of her, I went and got Nina Planck's book, REAL FOOD: What to Eat and Why. To some extent she's actually PROMOTING some of the people she hates. In fact, the first time I read some of Taubes' work was his story in Newsweek, called The New Obesity Campaigns Have it All Wrong but I never went out of my way to buy one of his books. Now, because of her, I will.

Unknown said...

Hey Eddie. Would you do me a huge favor? I just started a new blog called Dark Chocolate Decadence. It features recipes that I have adapted to be gluten-free and substituting coconut sugar for the recipes that call for white sugar, etc. You know, kind of "paleofying" things! I got a tremendous amount of traffic when you posted about Primal Zen and am hoping you can help me kick start my new blog. I appreciate your help! It's Dark Chocolate Decadence
Have a great day!

Ragnar's Applestand said...

All you have to do is look at Rate My Professor and you can see that, as a teacher, she doesn't amount to much. Attacking others is her way of making herself feel better.

Ragnar's Applestand said...