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Monday, 30 June 2014

Just when I think I am out I am pulled back in !

Regular readers of this blog will have noticed I have not been posting much lately. Over the years I have posted countless thousands of blog posts and comments on diabetes forums etc. I wanted out some time ago, I hung around to see this blog hit a million page views. When that happened I thought I had repaid the people that helped me over six years ago, and thought I would disappear into the woodwork. Walking away is harder than I thought it would be. Yesterday out of the blue the email below came in, email address and full name supplied. Looks like our website and blogs are still helping people and the website will carry on for some time to come. Eddie

Hello- I'm health professional with a husband who was diagnosed with type 2 
diabetes last year. I want to congratulate you on a fantastic informative site 
with information that makes complete sense.
I attach a link to a documentary you will find really interesting if you haven't 
already seen it .
 I have a specific interest in nutrition and was convinced that the solution to 
blood sugar control was diet. When I started my nurse training in the 80s I 
remember that diabetics were advised on restricting carbs and measuring grams 
per day.
I was surprised that the NHS DEAL course did not even explain the GL GI or go 
into detail regarding the optimum diet plan. It was all very basic.
The more research I have done into the low carb life plan the more disillusioned 
I have become with the lack of information given to newly diagnosed diabetics. I 
have seen people ( type 2) in my clinics who have been diabetic for years and 
just assumed that it was a progressive condition and they could eat what they 
like ; if there was a problem their medication would be changed or increased. 
You will always find some people who are extremely motivated to take control of 
their own health- these people need to be empowered with the knowledge to do so. 
Others sadly can't be bothered to make the effort and want the medical 
profession to solve the problem with medication- no amount of information or 
support can really help until they change that mindset. I believe that with the 
right support everyone is capable of change but sadly the NHS is not where the 
solution is. I have seen the positive change in my diabetic patients who have 
taken back control and seen the benefits of a low carb diet plan and the 
resulting weight loss and improved glycaemic control. I am not a diabetes 
specialist but the problems I see in my clinics are often associated with 
diabetes.  As an NHS employee I cannot recommend any diet plan but I can  give 
my patients ( type 2) the links to do their own research and make their 
decisions about their own Health with the support and monitoring of their GP or 
practice nurse. So many have not even been given any test strips to monitor 
their blood sugar- it's incredible.
Once again- well done for the much needed information. I will be giving your 
website address to my patients and my husband will following a low carb diet 
from now on.

Kind regards,


tess said...

we miss your pithy commentary when you go away! :-)

Galina L. said...

Where would we all be without the people who support us on the internet? The tide against a low-fat-high-carb advice is slowly turning, but the change will take time.
In many wiki articles low-carbohydrate approach to treating illnesses is considered to be outdated, and using medications and devices - is the modern approach.Congrats on your effort to make people realize how powerful life-style changes could be.

Lowcarb team member said...

tess said...
we miss your pithy commentary when you go away! :-)

'Pithy' that's a new way to describe my rants.


Lowcarb team member said...

Hi Tess .... Galina .... and to all our supporters who read, comment, take time to email. Your support is appreciated by all of the low carb team. It is so important to share news, views, ideas.

Many thanks

All the best Jan