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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

100 year old diabetic cook book still hits the spot !

Diabetes is now a run away train. It’s out of control, around the world hundreds of millions of people have joined the club, no one wants to join. The epidemics of type two diabetes and it’s often linked obesity are going to get far worse the experts tell us. Big pharma knows this, big pharma can hear the big cash register ringing. My opinion on big pharma and many of it’s drugs is well known. Many have proved to be useless and others banned for killing people. There was a time when no drugs were available for the control of diabetes, and many type two diabetics lived long and active lives. Many feel Dr. Atkins was the start of the lowcarb diet, but lowcarbing for improved health goes back to the days of William Banting.

The link below will take you to a free of charge read on line digitalized book, on the best diet for diabetics before big pharma loaded the dice, and diet and exercise kept people healthy and in control of their diabetes. I urge you to take a look. I have left the book open at pages 12 and 13, foods of great value and foods to avoid. Many will not be surprised to see, nothing has changed in almost a hundred years, in the best way to control diabetes. Diet and exercise and nil/minimal medication.

Check this link out, a fantastic read and well worth your time.

Diabetic Cookery Recipes And Menus by Rebecca W Oppenheimer printed 1917

Link to the book here.


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