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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Kens Kingdom !

Kenny boy, as thick as Carbo’s belly fat. I have held off from commenting on Kenny’s forum of doom, but hey, the guy is at it big time on Carbo’s cess pit blog. The arch buffoon is over there posting this.“I suppose I better set the records right about Albert/Kenbert whatever.....initially that was an account that was set up for various people to slag off the new kid on the block, Benedict', otherwise known as Benny Boy and various other nicknames. Then after I left the West Mids it also became a vehicle for some mates of mine who had the log in details to post ridiculous diet ideas to wind up the avid low carbers, such as pianoman who sounds remarkably like DocZoc/David from the defunct LCF. Don't really know about that, just a hunch. The other target was the idiot and his blog lowcarbdiabetic. Well, they fell for it hook, line and wasn't me, just a bunch of pissed off mates using my old PC which I had bequeathed to one of them !! They had a deal of fun while I wasn't around and properly got up the nose of Benny Boy and some of the mods on DCUK. I told them to stop it as it was once again me that was getting the flack !! That's it.......!!”

Kenny, we knew your grubby little hand was on the tiller from the start you chump ! You have proved this with your posting you numbskull ! Never forget, Kenny stuck to the NHS high carb diet for over ten years. He has said “it nearly killed me” Lowcarbers put this moron straight, and he tells people on his own forum he is on less than 60 carb per day. He is also on a very low fat diet. Well, Kenny took early retirement years ago, and workers like me are paying his disability pension. I hope he learns soon the benefits of healthy fats. I can appreciate, a man that sits on his arse for eighteen hours a day, can get by on very few calories, but us workers need more.

Even Carbo’s forum of failure started out better than Kenny’s forum of the dammed, especially when you consider all the posting, signposting and PMing being done. Kenny’s forum is dead meat, the only person who cannot see it, is Ken. But when did this lunatic ever have a grip on reality. Most switched on, newly diagnosed diabetic people, realise the carbs have got to go within days or weeks of diagnosis, Kenny got the message after ten years, need I say more. As I said, thick as Carbo's belly fat !

Carbo totally carb addicted, and a regular Orlistat user. Years into type two diabetes, and still clueless about reducing weight to a safe level. The likes of Carbo talk the talk, and walk the walk, but remain, vastly over weight.

Does this seem hard ? Check out his cess pit of a blog. Dedicated to taking on low carbers and those with some self disipline and common sense.



Anonymous said...

Thank God Benedict got rid of Ken. A menace to the diabetic community. He is very dangerous.

Anonymous said...

Ken - Cugila - Albert - Ka-mon - Wrunkelt - ................

All gone to a lonesome forum.


Anonymous said...

Carbo and Ken sad cases. Carb addicted or fat illiterate. Either way they have no idea. A lot of noise but say nothing.

graham64 said...

Still the same old kenbert just as arrogant and devious as ever, his attack on Benedict was typical of his tirades against anyone who had the temerity to disagree with him. He really showed his true colours though in his posts after he lost his monitors job.

Kenny the forum is a far better place wthout you, your no longer king of the castle get used to it!