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Saturday, 10 November 2012

A great new diabetes forum has just been formed !

Click on the link below and join up. A new beginning and a new chance to help others to a safe place. Diabetes does not have to progress to grim complications and ever increasing medication. Join the new forum and tell your good news story. Tell people how you reversed your diabetic symptoms and complications. If you are still on your journey to diabetic salvation good people will help you to safe blood glucose numbers and good health. Join today and make a difference.


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Carlo Spaghetti said...

Well what a turn up!

Finally picked a winning team!

What was I thinking of sticking with those anti low carb losers. They are sooooo yesterdays people.

In terms of today's game well what a result! We had most of the possession and had more registered online users than the opposition had at most times of the day. A 34-0 result is good but I know you can help us do better. We're already working on some brilliant new stuff and would love to hear your opinions.

Come join our happy and friendly superstars at or join in at

You know it makes sense.

Take care xx


Anonymous said...

This is welcome after the fiasco at DCUK were Amin/mods are now deleting posts while remaining hidden.

Despicable cowards.


Unknown said...

In less than 24 hours, we've already over taken ABC in terms of registered active posters,(not that that was ever going to be a challenge).

Since the majority of the "all time top posters" from the "other place" have now jumped ship, it won't be long before we overtake "that place" in terms of volume of posters.

Pretty incredible don't you think?


Lowcarb team member said...

What an amazing situation over the years when almost all wanted to pass on some good info to help other diabetics.

The future looks good, just some hard work and we can help so many to a safe place. I am so pleased to be a small part in a great team.


Anonymous said...

Russian Billionaire meatball producer псих-фрикаделька-пнев Owner of Team Eat To Your Meter was quoted as saying today..

"Carlo has made good progress in his first 24 hours in charge and I very much look forward to working with him and his staff."

Anonymous said...

Better a Fat Eater as Mod than a Fat Copper Eh?