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Friday, 9 November 2012

Carlo Spaghetti walks out on Team Lowcarb Anti !

In a shock move Carlo Spaghetti threw in the towel at Team Lowcarb Anti today. With half the first team drug addicted and the others totally unfit due to years of dietary induced illness, even the great man realised he was battling against a lost cause. At a press conference today he apologised to the lowcarb anti fans but stated the team was beyond hope, and the problems with their current stadium, which has been derelict and falling to bits for years, left him no option but to call it a day. He stated the management were only interested in exploitation and money, and the club was heading for Palookaville big time.

The timing of his resignation has angered many fans, especially as a rumour is beginning to emerge, he has been offered a five year contract to run a new team of lowcarb superstars, in a new purpose built stadium, still under construction at a secret address. This coincides with another rumour that PR and advertising gurus Wingnut and Beantipper are putting a massive advertising campaign together to recruit new fans.

Watch this space for further announcements. Old fans that wish to purchase a season ticket at the new venue can post a comment on this thread marked private do not publish or email us from the contact page of  All old fans warmly welcomed.



Carlo Spaghetti said...

I can confirm my resignation as manager of Team Lowcarb Anti today.

They were a hopeless basket case and I realise now I am well shot of the lot of them.

During discussions over a Chinese at the Spaghetti household this evening I can now also confirm rumours that negotiations are under way to form a new superstar "Eat to your meter" team. Whether or not this will work out is unknown but looks like a good thing at the moment.

Take care Carlo

Lowcarb team member said...

With Carlo Spaghetti as head coach the team cannot fail. No one could have got Team Lowcarb anti into winning shape, dead beats and carboholics to a man, and woman.

I have heard their bloated ex manager and Orlistat rep Carbo has offered to return, God help them.


Carlo Spaghetti said...

I can announce that formal negotiations have been completed and that the "Eat to your meter" superstars team is officially assembling at

ALL are welcome to come, join the fun and have chat about this exciting new era.

You will appreciate that things are a bit chaotic at the moment but meetings are being arranged on Sunday to try and get things running smoothly.

If you have any suggestions as how YOU want the super stars team to operate then please contact us at

You can join us via or or or even we aren't fussy.

Take care Carlo

Grazer said...

I'll be glad to help Carlo. I've got the time because the nice people at DCUK gave me a month off to "cool down" (Not sure if they meant I should have a good shearing or not?)