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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Everyone loves a good punch up !

Many moons ago when I was at school, nothing fired up the kids more than a play ground punch up. Within seconds of the fight starting, the protagonists could hardly throw a punch, so dense was the surrounding crowd. The teacher had to struggle through the spectators to restore order, and separate the brawlers, happy days. No one ever got hurt, maybe a bloody nose or a split lip, this of course, was in the days before kids carried machete’s and automatic Glocks. The Romans knew a bit about keeping the mob happy, the trouble is people soon get bored watching a couple of guys fighting to the death, before you know it, they want man eating lions in on the act. Do you see my point, how far do you go, and where does it all end ?

Over the years, I have noticed diabetes forums really come alive, when a punch up is in progress The guest count goes up, and the logged in members hits an all time high. Most punters love it of course, but not everyone thinks diabetes forums should be a combat zone. There is always a few that  bleat from the wings, and state ‘any more of this and I will leave the forum, this behaviour is outrageous etc’ They don’t leave the forum, and peace is restored. A few members get banned (almost always lowcarbers) and the forum goes back to being a cakes and commiserations outfit, and a place for the Carboholics and medication addicted, to spread the gloom and misinformation, it was ever thus.

Some say I am the most banned man in the history of UK diabetes forums. I like to think that is true, many of my best friends have been banned from diabetes forums, so I am in good company. As publicised on this blog, we have started a forum of our own, and that presents me with a dilemma. As the UK’s number one forum bad boy, I have to set an example on the new forum, yet I know there is a big demand for the fight club. Hence we have opened this blog up again. Many of our old adversaries, fired forum mods, owners of failed forums, anonymous cowardly blog owners, and other carb addicted miscreants, are history for this blog now. We are looking for new targets, bent MP’s, idiot dietitions, and outfits calling themselves charities, but are really only shills for big pharma or junk food outfits. Experience tells me we won’t have to look very hard.

The weapon of choice for the discerning yobbo.


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Anonymous said...

Good to have you all back, you know what we like..