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Sunday, 27 January 2013

How to get kids interested in salads and fresh vegetables.

Recently a man called Raimundo, signed up as a member of our blog. He is married, a father of two beautiful daughters, works as a computer professional and  likes to make salads for fun. As you can see he makes some wonderful salads and turns great food into an art form. I bet his kids love salads, a great start for youngsters.

Check out Raimundo’s  Salad and Art blog and more amazing salads here.



Anonymous said...

This is amazing, very different to how I just throw a salad together and put it in a bowl.

Wonder how long it must take to prepare?


Anonymous said...

Puts me to shame, although I cut up a mean carrot or cucumber stick for my young grandchildren to nibble! Makes a change from rich tea finger biscuits that you see so many toddlers chewing on.

Anonymous said...

Just had a lovely lunch of flaked salmon with an italian style salad, lovely different colour leaves, enjoyed it. Raimundo's salads look fantastic it must be great to be so artistic.

Sal ( loving lettuce for lunch )