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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Why is this allowed to happen ?

"The first ever guidelines for managing type 2 diabetes in children aged from 10 to 18 years have been issued by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).

Type 2 diabetes used to affect only adults - its incidence in children was extremely low. This is no longer the case. The rapid emergence of type 2 diabetes among children poses challenges to many doctors, who find themselves having to treat children with an "adult disease".

Most family doctors are used to dealing with type 1 diabetes in children, not type 2.

The AAP explained that it is now time to help doctors who have to care for pediatric patients who have developed type 2 diabetes. It has issued a Clinical Practice Guideline that provides evidence-based recommendations for their 10 to 18 year old patients who have type 2 diabetes.

The guidelines were written in consultation with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the American Diabetes Association, the American Academy of Family Physicians, and the Pediatric Endocrine Society."

Type two diabetes used to be an old mans disease or at worst middle aged. For some time we have been reading reports of more and more children succumbing to type two diabetes, what a sorry state of affairs. “The guidelines were written in consultation with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the American Diabetes Association, the American Academy of Family Physicians, and the Pediatric Endocrine Society” you have to ask yourself, what chance do these kids have of living a long and active life ? I reckon almost nil ! The official advisers on diet in the US and the UK can’t get it right for adults, I am sure they will not get it right for kids. The very diet that brought about diabetes and obesity in the kids, will be the diet they will be advised to stay with, but hey, cut down on the junk and soda kids. What’s the betting carbs will feature highly in the recommended diets, it’s a 100% certainty. Medication will be dished out like candy and most of the victims (because that’s what they are) will be lucky to see forty years of age.

We watch the news on TV, and almost nightly, we see grim stories of children being killed in wars, children starving to death, children dying from a disease, that would be sorted with a penicillin injection in the west, and we think what a cruel world, why is this allowed to happen. Meanwhile in the richest and best educated countries in the world, we kill our kids off, at an ever increasing rate. Global food outfits target market kids as young as three with junk food, big pharma works on ever more potions looking for the antidote, and we ask ourselves, why is this allowed to happen ? Welcome to the crazy world of diabetes.


More here.

The guidelines here.


Anonymous said...

Two words - Pottenger's Cats.

As long as they keep pushing the processed food diet of death, it's only going to get worse.


Anonymous said...

Children are put under too much pressure sweets, toys, games all where they can see it in the shops, they of course pressure the parents no wonder the world has gone mad

Anonymous said...

Too much of the wrong type of food, too much watching tv or playing on their video games = too many children getting type 2 diabetes. Some of the enlightened health professionals do know how things can be improved but alas perhaps those who are responsible for the big food and pharmaceutical firms put too much money into selling a completely wrong diet and lifestyle. I'm with Indy when she says it's only going to get worse. What have our children done to deserve this?


Anonymous said...

It is appalling the huge increase in diabetes and obesity with adults but especially children. The added fear is what will the generation after be like? The world is in a downward spin which is getting faster and faster. Will 'they ' realize in time and start reversing the trend? I sincerely hope so.


Lowcarb team member said...

The time is coming where kids will be on medication from the cradle to an early grave. Big pharma drugs are now the opium of the masses. Fresh healthy food is becoming ever more expensive unfortunately for so many it’s eat junk or starve. Look how many in the US and the UK are on food aid, it’s many millions and they ain’t getting the sort of foods that will keep them healthy.


Anonymous said...

The cost of food does keep going up and up. You can do a little to keep costs down by buying the so called value or essentials type range that supermarkets offer. Your tomatoes, brocolli etc. might not come as perfect shapes but they taste the same and have the same nutrients in them.
With regard to trying to keep children more healthy it's got to come from parental guidance, so more work needs to be done to cut out the amount of processed foods that are the first choice of goods that go into the supermarket trolley.
If families are getting food aid a different direction should be taken where vouchers are for the healthier foods, it must be possible but of course it will require funding. If minds go in the right direction anything is possible regretfully you might say I am living in a dream world.