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Saturday, 23 February 2013

Complacency Will Get You In The End

One hates to appear a little sniffy and disdainful but from posts on the ETYM forum make it difficult not to do so. Some examples

Pneu wrote

“The difference in the stance is that we believe in providing people with the information and letting them make a decision, history and experience tells us that most people make the right decision.

However, documented results tell us otherwise (Results for England. The National Diabetes Audit 2010-2011):

Percentage of registered Type 1patients in England
HbA1c >= 6.5% (48 mmol/mol) = 92.6%
HbA1c >   7.5% (58 mmol/mol) = 71.3%
HbA1c > 10.0% (86 mmol/mol) = 18.1%

Percentage of registered Type 2 patients in England
HbA1c >= 6.5% (48 mmol/mol = 72.5%
HbA1c > 7.5% (58 mmol/mol) = 32.6%
HbA1c >10.0% (86 mmol/mol) = 6.8%

These results are very similar to those obtained in previous NHS audits over the past 5 - 6 year

The response to such evidence? Check out the posts by a character called Ashleigh on the post “BGs – do we worry to much?” shortly followed by a LucyLocket:

“Thanks for asking Ashleigh, cos I am still confused too and how does the T1's table relate to the T2 figures? can someone explain those figures too please?”

Eddie and Graham I think you a doing a great job for those with an open and inquisitive mind but for the rest? Well there is one obvious reason why the statistical results above are very similar to those obtained in previous NHS audits over the past 5 - 6 year.!

Let them eat cake



Anonymous said...

Nice cut job :0)

Anonymous said...

hmmm. Taken out of context again. I think what Pneu obviously meant was that those who had the LC / ETYM message explained to them in a sensible adult way generally choose the correct way i.e generally choose low carb way to control their db.

You are so obvious. Before his post this evening Pneu was your wonder boy what with his 4.X HbA1c and everything.

As soon as he came out against your approach to diabetes you turn on him just like you have the others. Yet he like the others haven't changed how they control their condition as their HbA1c's that are so important to you don't lie do they?

Did you guys take lessons from Peter Mandleson? Actually that's a rubbish suggestion as he was good as a spin doctor wheres you lot are just so see through its laughable.

Go off to Afghanistan and join the Taliban. You might just fit in with them.

Anonymous said...

Do the Taliban have forums? If so I wonder how long it would take even them to ban Eddie. Must say though that I do agree Eddies attitudes would seem to be exactly what the Taliban would want so perhaps that's where he should take his message and leave us non fundamentalists to our infidel fate.

Pneu said...

come on guys if your going to quote me at least quote in context..

I totally agree that the current NHS approach isn't working.. but do you truly believe that your hard-line no compromise approach is ever going to be seriously adopted? Hell I am sure the LCHF regulars that visit your blog love it but your already preaching to the converted over here..

If we are to have a forum that offers a real alternative to the like of DUK and DCUK then it has to be moderate in its approach.. it has to treat members like adults and it has to present the facts.

I will say it again here for the record we 100% support LCHF and as you point out many of us use it as a control method..

HOWEVER for the newly diagnosed who are coming to the internet with 30 years of NHS dietary stigma attached to their views what do you think is going to be the most effective approach..

1. Behave like a bunch of crazy internet nut bags shouting LCHF or your doomed to an early grave.


2. An approach that presents a holistic view of what does and doesn't work and lets the user through their own trial and error work out that actual reduced carbohydrate is the way to go?

You hate being dictated to Eddie.. yet your whole approach is based around dictating to others!? perhaps that's not the best way to present LCHF to the world at large?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Before his post this evening Pneu was your wonder boy what with his 4.X HbA1c and everything.

Yeah sure Pneu is just soooooo worried that he'll drop of Eddies all star list just like his old man has. Doesn't alter the fact both their hba1cs beat his hands down.

Amazing how Eddie just edits out things he doesn't want to hear. Such a hypocrite.


Anonymous said...


Perhaps it wasn't such a good move getting yourself banned again and alienating your natural allies. You did the same with David didn't you?Surely now you're just back here on your rag posting to the already converted? What good is that for your cause? As some insightful person has already said once is an accident, twice a coincidence but three times? As always your stupidity got the better of you.


Lowcarb team member said...

Hi Pneu

Out of context maybe, but we do not go for out and out lies as reported in my deleted post article yesterday. Some of you people used to complain about the deletion of posts and editing at DCUK and you do exactly the same things yourselves, straight out of the bully boy Cugila’s training manual for sure. If you can’t argue a point delete the post or thread, if that fails ban the member.

The hard-line no compromise approach is the only way to stay complication free and enjoy a full and active life. Borofergie, Dillinger, Wiflib, Defren, Paul, you and many others on the forum know it

You are not offering an alternative. And you do not want to know about the facts. You are pushing the same middle of the road play it safe attitude as DUK and DCUK. The diet section for newbie’s could have been written by an NHS dietition. It won’t work for most and the tragedy is you and other well controlled members know it, but you push the same idiotic dietary information that fails over and over again.

Yes, I know you use LCHF as do all the other well controlled members, why is it a taboo subject on the open forum ?

Most people learn in a very short time the NHS recommendations re diet are a complete failure for most diabetics. Yet you push a diet that the NHS would agree with.

How many of your forum members are well controlled and do not low carb, none that I know of. Grazer holds a reasonable number on a 150 carbs per day but a young person should not be happy with an HbA1c close to six. Just think what number he could be holding if he lowered the carbs. OK he has decided to knock what’s left of his beta cells out in record time, but that is no example to set for newbie’s.

So how long will you let the trial and error go on before someone tells people the truth. Weeks, months or years. So many will do anything to keep eating junk and kid themselves I will start again tomorrow. Jeez it’s hot cross buns, chocolate and wait for it, sniffing chocolate inhalers. Still let them kid themselves they are pre-diabetic eh, anything but the truth, don’t want the members upset, they will get there in the end, maybe.

Dictating that’s a laugh, coming from a forum owner who’s forum is run with an iron fist, unless you toe the line and agree with certain mods and a very small group of their toadies. Why do you think no one wants to join the forum ? Why do think so many of the first to join long term forum people have walked and never post ? It’s because it’s your way or the highway. People like AliB and Muni who had something worthwhile to say and were shredded by certain mods and a few of their sycophants. Why do you think I did not want to be a board member, others have called it a day. If you guys want a cosy club for a few owners, mods then great, but as a useful resource for diabetics it’s useless.

You are getting thousands of hits per day and no one wants to join, maybe, just maybe one of you forum owners that are still left, might want to consider the fact that you need to change things, big time. If you don’t make the changes it will stay as a private little club for a few forum owners and mods a dozen or so members who are regular posters. You have had some good people join, many have walked, don’t lose them all.


Lowcarb team member said...

Pauline thank you for your most valuable input. Do you really think I care about being banned from the worst diabetes forum I have ever seen. It started with great promise but as we can see, it’s a blog, as a place to learn useless. Has a newbie ever joined the place ? Just as well I suppose, they will learn far more at DCUK. Old Ken must be so proud of the mis-information Gulag that is ETYM.


Anonymous said...

Eddie said

People like AliB

That would be the same AliB who posted on more than one occasion that she blamed the tragic death of a child on its parents for feeding it carbs!

If I remember a lot of people objected to that and rightly so. Any sane person would don't you think?.

Thanks for making it clear what you really think is normal everyday behaviour eddiot.


Lowcarb team member said...

I thought I told you to contact Dignitas. On reflection they won’t be able to help you, you have to prove you are sane I believe. Ah well maybe Beachy Head is for you. BTW thank you for raising the comment section. We know from our stats, the more people comment, the more people read a post, and hey presto our page views go up, and people read the other threads on this blog and find many of our posts interesting and informative.

See, we can even utilise a deadbeat like you. NEXT !


Lowcarb team member said...

To Multiple Miggs

Why do you keep sending in your foul mouthed rants twice, BTW I deleted your last rant err twice. Now Miggs start posting coherent comment without all the swearing and I might pass them.


Anonymous said...

Whatever your ethos is complacency should not be allowed to creep in.

The facts are clear for most to see how it is used is up to the individual. Do you care about your health? How long do you want to live complication free?

The choice is yours