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Monday, 23 September 2013

The new blog.

Recently I have needed to look up various health-related matters on the internet. As everyone who has done this will know, it is a potential minefield. If you have no prior knowledge of the subject one thing leads to another and literally hours can be spent browsing and reading for very little gain. This is where I think our new blog is going to prove invaluable for anyone seeking information about matters pertaining to diabetes and diet. Naturally, it won't ever be fully comprehensive - nothing is - and will need continual updating, but basic information and the most relevant studies will be available. This will provide a useful starting point for further study and I am sure readers will be able to alert us to any errors or updates. Some have already begun to make us aware of useful information and I am sure this will continue.

We are all low carbers, of course, and all except Jan, are diabetics.  The new blog will, we hope, also continue to appeal to a wider readership, including those not diabetics but who are interested in a low carb, healthy diet and lifestyle.

The blog is already open for viewing and comments, but there is still a lot of work to be done. I have to say I feel quite useless in this situation, as problems with my vision mean much of the hard work has to be left to the others. So thank you for all your hard work and patience, team!

The best thing about the new blog for me, is the categorisation which allows easy access to information. Many blogs and forums contain excellent information, but it is sometimes far from easy to access, and its search facilities often require very precise terms to be successful. Even on this blog, with archives readily available it would be necessary to know exactly what you were looking for as titles are not always self-explanatory. We hope that the new blog will be a useful resource for some time to come and envisage some expansion of the team.

My purpose in writing this is merely to explain our aims, and how the new blog will differ from the current blog, which will run alongside it for a while. The most useful and informative articles may be posted on both. I hope that clarifies matters for anyone who is in doubt and that even old opponents will be prepared to keep an open mind and appreciate that any assistance they care to offer, is for the benefit of all and nothing to do with the somewhat introverted world of diabetes forums and blogs.


The new blog is here.


KajunDee said...

Your blog is a wealth of information. I am not diabetic but it is very dominate in my family. Thanks for your hard work

Lowcarb team member said...

Many thanks for your kind comment.

We aim to give a good variety of information, and hope that readers do find things of interest to them.

All the best Jan