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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Three quarters of a million page views and rising.

Over five years ago, Graham and myself became type two diabetics. We joined the forum, the first forum we had ever joined. We were very fortunate. A small bunch of lowcarbers talked of their brilliant blood glucose control, weight control and minimal medication. Despite many years of diabetes, none had serious complications. One low carbing long term type one diabetic  Fergus Craig, was over forty years of age and running marathons and competing in 100 mile cycle races. Fergus introduced us to the work of Dr. Richard Bernstein, it transformed our lives. Three months after starting my lowcarb lifestyle I had a full bloods test. So astonished was my Doctor with the results, he asked if I was being treated elsewhere. HbA1c from close to twelve to mid fives, improved lipids and fifty pounds of weight lost. Graham is one of the never been overweight diabetics, he too has controlled his diabetes, by lowcarbing, for over five years. One metformin pill per day his only diabetes medication.

So, good people at had been our, and others salvation. We could have walked away from DCUK, we were sorted, we both had better things to do than hang around on a diabetes forum. But we stayed, we had no choice, for two reasons. One, we wanted to repay the people who had helped us, and two, a small bunch of highly active, highly organised lowcarb antis, were working to rubbish lowcarb at every opportunity. The main anti was a registered dietitian, together, with a soon to be group of forum moderators. We took these people on, as did other lowcarbers, many were banned including me and Graham, other good and highly knowledgeable lowcarb people walked. Our voice was gone, we had been silenced, we had lost, time to move on. Except, Graham and myself are born fighters, we were down, but not out.

As I said earlier, we had never joined a forum before DCUK and never run or commented on a blog. I started a 'wind up' blog called Carbo Soze, named after the notorious villain in the film Usual Suspects Keyser Soze. We went for the ‘usual suspects’ big time, ridiculing them and their crackpot ideas mercilessly. They went ape, I had expected them to ignore us, but no, they were posting links to our blog on forums and other blogs. We were animals, posting vile things about people, we were the lowest form of human life. For me and Graham it was one hell of a laugh, clearly they were going batshit. But one thing became apparent very quickly, the page views were amazing. We realised blogs could be a very powerful tool for spreading our lowcarb message. We wound up the Carbo Soze blog and started this blog. 

From the start we wanted a magazine type format. Links to diabetes and lowcarb articles. Good food ideas and recipes, some jokes, cartoons, and of course, continuing to shine the spotlight on lowcarb antis. Over the years, we helped to issue exit visas to the worst of the mods. We have watched ex moderators and lowcarb antis forums fail. A blog set up to take on Graham and I and rubbish other lowcarbers, has not put up a comment or post in months. The few lowcarb antis at are now irrelevant. Either seen as idiots, or behind the scenes schemers and trouble makers. For over five years, almost all the success reported has been by way of the lowcarb lifestyle. So many diabetics helped, and so few following the dietary information promoted by the lowcarb antis, as pushed by the NHS and DUK, which we call the diet of slow death. Low GI, portion control, starchy carbs with every meal and chase highly elevated blood glucose numbers with medication. It does not work, the NHS audited statistics prove it, and have done for years. So, what of the future for our team.

Recently we started a new blog for various reasons. For one we want a one place stop off for all diabetics and those interested in a lowcarb lifestyle. A blog with sound information and links to the latest news, trials and studies. A blog where information is much easier to find and can be linked to our lowcarb diabetic website. A place that does not include the well reported aggravation with naysayers and lowcarb antis. As I said earlier, they are now irrelevant. Over the years we have been supported behind the scenes by some well known names in the medical establishment. Two professionals had the courage to openly support us. They are Dr. Jay Wortman and Registered Dietitian Franziska Spritzler. Obviously they would not condone or agree with many of the posts on this blog. But I reckon they know our hearts are in the right place, or they would never have put links on their blogs to this blog. We are very grateful for their support. We are hoping our new grief free zone blog, will attract other professionals, guest posters and commenters. As all, who have read this blog recently, will have noticed three new members have joined our team. Kath, Paul and my wife Jan. They have added new dimensions to this blog and have posted some great posts. Paul and Kath have been working hard on the new blog. It is already looking good and in the near future will be where most of our activity will take place. Other people have promised to guest on the new blog. I believe in time it will become a very useful resource for all it’s readers.

So, a new blog with a new approach, to further the promotion of the lowcarb lifestyle. With new team members, eager to help others to a safer place. To live a happier, healthier life. Who would have thought a couple of old geriatric diabetics, would still be kicking butt years on after being banned from And in my case banned from other forums. Who would have thought, our posts on forums and blogs would have received over a million reads or page views.

As I often say, welcome to the crazy world of diabetes. A world where fresh home cooked untainted food, food that has been eaten since the emergence of the human race, food that people ate before the epidemics of obesity, type two diabetes, heart attacks and stroke, could be seen as a risky option. We are constantly told to eat the food that is leading to the downfall of the human race, and expensive, often dangerous big pharma drugs should be used as the antidote. This dietary lunacy is not progress. But, progress is being made. Increasingly medical professionals are promoting the lowcarb lifestyle. All over the world, people are telling their good news stories and how a lowcarb lifestyle has transformed their lives. One way or another the truth will always out, and we will continue to fight against dietary stupidity and corporate greed.Thank you to all the people that have contributed over the years.

“This year I slept and woke with pain, I almost wished no more to wake”

Taken from Tennyson’s ‘In Memoriam’ The fate that awaits so many diabetics, this does not have to be.

Good luck and health to you and yours.

Eddie Mitchell Telling it like it is, for over five years.

Our new blog is here.

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Anonymous said...

Well done on kicking butt over the years. More butts still to be kicked though. The message for low carb both here, Europe-wide and beyond needs to be delivered. Diabetes, obesity and other health related problems need to be reduced.
Like you I follow low carb/high fat my A1c is now in the low 5's.
Thanks guys and ladies to

Paul B