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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Defren the drama queen returns !

After going awol for around three months  Defren the drama queen returns to the ETYM forum. I have some empathy for Defren as she seems to suffer from every known medical condition with the exception of Saint Vitus dance and yellow jack fever. Not back more than five minutes and severe migraine and IBS are the current complaints. Today she stated,

"I have to say, bread has been a large part of my diet recently, I also have IBS which I didn't have on low carb. It seems I have my answer. No bread = no migraines (for me)."

OK I know what you are thinking, what a heartless SOB you are man. Maybe, but think on this. This is a person that not only owns the forum, but is also a senior moderator. The forum has been a cakes and commiserations outfit for a long time, the last thing some of the few remaining members need is an excuse to fail. 

Whatever your problems or troubles, poisoning yourself with foods that you know bring about poor health and diabetic complications, won't do you any favours. Defren should know this, and if not, she should not be moderating a diabetes forum. If you do fall off the wagon keep it to yourself, don't encourage others to fail.



Anonymous said...

Just shows how useless the Newcastle diet is.

This is the woman that reckoned carbs were poison and she would never let her control drop because she was scared of complications.

She likes to think she is an expert on diabetes but has shown that she knows very little. What a role model.

No wonder ETYM is a joke with people like her at the helm.

Anonymous said...

We all need to have a moan sometimes. Some people need more support. Some people have no-one they feel they can talk to.

Some seem to have more than their share of ills. If one can help another by exchanging how an illness or ailment was helped this must be good. By all means exchange advice.

It does seem to be an unusual affair for some one who has been around the forums and blogs as Defren has this past year or so that she does not stick to a low carb diet when she knows from personal experience that this has worked for her. She herself has told us this.

Maybe there is more here than we are aware. I wish her well but would suggest she cuts out grain from her diet.


Anonymous said...

Watch out for round 2 of the Newcastle diet or something similar..
Well it got her lots of attention the first time around
.Who would ask a lot of fantasists and non-diabetics for advice? Its just weird.

Anonymous said...

She thinks everyone else is immune to personal stress and it only affects her. I suppose she feels guilty after all the posts about her "perfect life" and lack of financial worries.

Get a grip Defren, you are as unique as everyone else is. The Newcastle diet taught you nothing about food choices and your boast was the weight loss and your change of wardrobe.

When are you going to start it again so that some can marvel at your stupid ways? Remember dumb is forever.

Anonymous said...

Copycat Said

"Judging by Defren's recent appearance, she has fallen right under the wheels of the wagon, got stuck in the mud and it hardly a good advert for any forum.

She has been singing the praises of her diet with things like "never hungry, becomes a way of life, always feel full" and then falls apart eating anything and everything.

She does not help the LC cause at all as she appears as a hypocrite.
She needs your cake badly.

We will never know what goes on behind the scenes but it looks like too many chiefs and not enough indians."

Lowcarb team member said...

Believe it or not the personalties don't figure to highly in all of this. What gets to me is the fact these staunch lowcarbers became pushers of the NHS and DUK type dietary madness as soon as they got their own forum.

Grazer and Defren preside over a sinking ship. The forum is close to useless, and when it sinks below the waves it will be my fault ho ho.

I thought this forum was going to be trail blazer for lowcarb but for most of the owners it was never more than an ego trip. The original owners have either walked (the good guys) and the remaining ego trippers offer next to nothing by way of debate or interesting ideas. A few good people keep it going, without them it's finished.