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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Home is what you make it.

Excuse me should I be wrong, but, I believe most who read this blog have a comfortable home. I am sure there could be improvements we’d like to make, improve the heating system, change the colour scheme, perhaps buy a new sofa, hang a different picture on the wall, have different accessories. We could probably make quite a long list should we set our minds to it. Is this more of a woman’s prerogative or a mans? Well I know many men who take a great pride and interest in their home as much as the woman of the house, so I guess it comes down to what works in your household and what your particular circumstances are.

As I said, I do think those that read this blog are blessed with a roof over their head and food to eat on the table. The discussion, argument and controversy about the type of food we choose to eat is well documented, but as astute readers know, and of course, all our readers are astute, the blog isn’t called The Low Carb Diabetic for nothing.

Case in point, what did you eat for dinner tonight? Was it salmon with steamed broccoli and celeriac dauphinoise or perhaps chicken with some stir fry mixed vegetables. I would guess most readers who do follow the low carb high fat lifestyle certainly didn’t have rice on their dinner plate ? Cauliflower rice yes, white rice no.

I saw an article today about the five most expensive houses available to buy in London. Fabulous houses yes, crazy prices definitely. The world has always been about those who have money and those that don’t … nothing is going to change that.

I just hope that those who live in these houses are happy in their home and that they do spare a thought to those who aren’t as fortunate as them. I don’t mean the likes of you and me that are sitting reading or typing on blogs or forums. I mean those both here in the UK and further a field who do not have a roof over their head, they may not know where or when their next meal is coming from. They may be homeless through many reasons. Perhaps they lost their job or they may be homeless because they have been caught up in the wars of this world. They may be homeless because of the terrible disaster that nature created in the Philippines’s. Food to them isn’t whether it’s low carb, high carb they just want to be able to eat.

So with Christmas coming perhaps it is time to pause and think of others. If you haven’t already donated to a good cause or helped someone not as fortunate as you why not do it NOW. If you cannot afford to donate money then perhaps you could give your time, many charities would be pleased of your help. If you know of someone who may be on their own at Christmas invite them round, cook the dinner for them. Make a difference to someone.

Home is where the heart is and sometimes we just need to open the door, and let other people know we do care. 

All the best Jan 

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Anonymous said...

I like your sentiments Jan

Danica said...

Preparing for diabetic diet plan is very important to prevent the progression of diabetes. Eating the right kind and amount of food should be included in the priority.

Lynda said...

Well said Jan :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, good sentiments Val

Anonymous said...

Our home and being happy is what we do, I don't think possessions always make us happy.