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Friday, 29 November 2013

Dr Paul Jones - University of Carmarthen the genuine article or psychotic spoofer ?

Hi folks this came in today as a comment. Allegedly from Dr Paul Jones - University of Carmarthen. As regulars will know we have received numerous negative comments under the name of  Dr Paul Jones. I do not know whether these are from Dr Paul Jones or even if the man actually exists, but one thing is sure, the sender is completely un-hinged.

BTW I have removed the name of the person being ridiculed, because they are not a member of our team and do not comment on this blog, and as such cannot reply to the Doctor/spoofer/ Multiple Miggs.

"Hello -------------

I'm not a fan of yours as you know --------------

But...As they can make Penicillin from mouldy bread, they should be able to make something of you. 

A demure housewife, perhaps?


Dr Paul Jones - University of Carmarthen"



Anonymous said...

So that's what you get from a university professor, an ignorant sexist comment, that say's a lot about the standards of higher education in this country.

Lowcarb team member said...

"Ahh...Doctor Jones,we meet again..."

Hi Eddie

Sorry for the cheesy Indiana Jones movie quote but IF this guy is for real then it would be useful if he dropped the misogynistic attitude and informed us what his field of expertise actually IS and WHY he believes our successful method of control is so wrong in his opinion.

Over to you Dr Jones...


Lowcarb team member said...

If this guy is for real he has gone batshit, if he is not for real, he is batshit. Either way he is a nutter.

Would make a good mod at DCUK in my opinion, also the lowcarb antis are in sorts of trouble over there.

Phoenix is trying hard but I think she is over the hill these days. Ranting on about no carb diets and rhubarb. Very lack lustre, probably carb induced mental impairment.


tess said...

what's her position on rhubarb? (i love the stuff -- a LC vegetable that thinks it's a fruit -- wonderful with fatty meats....)

Lowcarb team member said...

Hi Tess

Rhubarb a lowcarb superstar and tastes great.


Anonymous said...

That is the thing with the web you meet all types.
I am a type that likes rhubarb as well.

Anonymous said...

Hello flâneur,

There should come a health warning on higher education for women.

Can cause bad "habits" - Like neglect of appearance, the growing of wispy beards, the wearing of more than one coat and the carrying around handbags with balls of string in them.

But the worst thing is most so-called educated women adopt crazy dietary habits and a anti-establishment mentality.

I believe men are more evolved evolutionary wise to handle knowledge better.

But can also (not to appear sexist) can end up with anti-establishment mentality and batty ideas. Especially as they get older.

Linus Pauling a notable example. This forum/blog is another, full of misguided individuals.

But I stand by my comments made to that women, I am distracted by a sexy figure, I can admire such, but not get distracted. Methinks the reverse is true of you I expect Eddie.

Not the mark of a true researcher.

The woman rambling's are nuts.

Dr Paul Jones - Carmarthen University

Anonymous said...

St.Eddie Patron Saint of pedallers of Bull- do-do Said...

Would make a good mod at DCUK in my opinion.

Now there's a thought. I'm of to pasture new.

Where my insight and sage advice will be appreciated.

Dr Paul Jones - Carmarthen University

Lowcarb team member said...

Probably a good thing you moving on Paul, your therapy here seems to be going no-where. One last piece of advice, cut down on the booze and dump those street meds fast. What with your diet and unhealthy vices you are doing yourself no favours.


Lowcarb team member said...

Paul Jones waffled...
Now there's a thought. I'm of to pasture new.

Where my insight and sage advice will be appreciated.

Brilliant can't wait to see your sage advice over a DCUK because all we seen here is a load of egotistical claptrap. You do realise of course that you will have to reveal your dietary preferences there.

When you say "sage advice" I presume your talking the herb because your knowledge of diabetes is non-existent.

Bon voyage
Kind regards