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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Featured food of the day Prawns or Shrimp

King prawns cooked in butter, garlic, and mixed herbs seasoning

King prawns cooked in butter, garlic and mixed herbs seasoning. Swede boiled and mashed with lots of butter. Purple sprouting broccoli with a knob of butter. Delicious and very low carb.

Shrimp and other shellfish were enjoyed in the world's Mediterranean region during the early centuries AD. Classical Greek and Roman texts include shrimp recipes and descriptions of fishing practices. During most of shrimp's culinary history, farming was not used as a method of shrimp production. Shrimp were caught in pots or traps—not only by hand, but also in relatively small amounts. During certain periods of history, the labor-intensive nature of shrimp fishing turned shrimp into a delicacy that was both rare and costly.

More great prawn and shrimp information can be found at the Worlds Healthiest Foods site here. WHF is a not for profit goldmine of great food information.

All the best Jan

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Looks a very tasty meal