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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Kelloggs Tony the tiger says they're GR-R-ROSS !

"And Kellogg faces a more ominous trend at the table. As Americans become more health-conscious, they’re shying away from the kind of processed food baked in Kellogg’s four U.S. cereal factories. They tend to be averse to carbohydrates, which is a problem for a company selling cereal derived from corn, oats, and rice. “They basically have a carb-heavy portfolio,” says Robert Dickerson, senior packaged-food analyst at Consumer Edge. If such discerning shoppers still eat cereal, they prefer the gluten-free kind, sales of which are up 22 percent, according to Nielsen. There’s also growing suspicion of packaged-food companies that fill their products with genetically modified organisms (GMOs). For these breakfast eaters, Tony the Tiger and Toucan Sam may seem less like friendly childhood avatars and more like malevolent sugar traffickers."

Sales of 19 of Kellogg’s top 25 cereals eroded last year, the good news keeps getting better. Eat real whole fresh food.

Full story here.



Galina L. said...

But people put their toasters in use instead, as the article said.

Lowcarb team member said...

Hi Galina and thanks for your comment.

Breakfast trends are changing and they need to if our future adults (who are now children) want to be able to face a healthier life. We are seeing 'Trends' and to some extent Education about healthy whole foods being talked about more. However, there is still much room for improvement I think.

All the best Jan

Jennifer said...

Interesting post. I can believe that people are eating less boxed cereal these days. It seems to have fallen a bit out of fashion in terms of consumer breakfast habits.
Even more troubling are some of the new quick grab and go breakfast bars and shakes.
The breakfast challenge for most people is something quick and healthy that tastes good. Are there any food companies that manage all three things? Not that I know of anyway.

Galina L. said...

I do think that many people who stopped eating cereals for their breakfast just grab a cereal bar on the go.

Lowcarb team member said...

As both Jennifer and Galina said - some people have succumbed to the speedy cereal bar breakfast which for most is just as bad as eating cereal.

Why not grab a soft boiled egg (takes minutes to cook), or as many in the Nordic Countries do, have cold meats and cheese?

Yes you may have to amend your taste buds slightly but isn't your long term health gain worth it?

It certainly is for me.

All the best Jan