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Friday, 11 February 2011

After statins for all, comes bariatric surgery for all !

"Under current guidelines, bariatric surgery is only indicated for the treatment of severe or morbid obesity, defined as having a body mass index (BMI) of 35 or greater. By contrast, the new study is open to patients with a BMI as low as 26. Normal-weight individuals have BMI ranging between 19 and 25 and overweight individuals have BMI between 26 and 29, whereas a BMI above 30 defines obesity. Patients with a BMI below 26 and above 35 will not be considered for enrolment in the trial.

The global prevalence of Type 2 diabetes is rising dramatically. "If proven successful, diabetes surgery has the potential to help millions of patients in the U.S. and worldwide," Dr Rubino says."

How long will the medical profession ignore the totally obvious ? As the diabetes epidemic gathers new recruits by the minute, and the cash registers keep ringing, the eat starchy carbs with every meal con will continue, until the money runs out !

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Anonymous said...

Much easier to offer surgery with all the risks entailed, than admit dietary advice has been wrong and mostly business funded all along. If patient dies it is because of poor physical shape they were in due to weight. Can#t admit that all that bread, cereal, pasta, 'healthy' option low fat high carb and processed muck was to blame. Might open the flood gates to litigation..big business wouldn't be happy either.......