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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

These days, I’m in a transition period and trying to see good in almost all. My old friends at sent me a message today, stating and I quote.“High cholesterol is bad for everyone, diabetic or not.

High cholesterol levels should be treated seriously, because they strongly contribute to two of the most common types of death amongst people with diabetes; heart attack and stroke.”

If this is true, how come the French and the Swiss have far higher cholesterol levels than the average UK person, yet have far less heart attacks and strokes. The people that have the lowest cholesterol levels, the Australian aborigines have a heart disease rate around 30 times that of France and 15 times the  UK, fact.

Cholesterol levels have absolutely zilch correlation regarding the levels of heart disease, full stop! The awake and enlightened medics know this, full stop ! The lower the measured cholesterol levels, the higher the risk of serious health problems, full stop ! Check out the WHO’s MONICA study !

Check out Dr. Malcolm Kendrick, a UK Doctor who has forgotten more than the average HP will ever know regarding cholesterol levels and heart disease.

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Anonymous said...

Edd keep up kicking butt DUK are in it for the money.