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Tuesday, 8 February 2011


Tastebook, check out this great site, obviously many recipes not suitable for diabetics or low carbers. Just substitute or avoid the usual high starch/sugar suspects.
“We started with a very simple idea—to remix the cookbook. As a group of food-loving, culinary junkies who aspire to become great cooks someday, we set out to create the perfect cookbook:
We knew we had something, except for one small detail—where would the recipes come from? Sure, we all have a funky folder in our kitchen with our tried-and-true recipes. But how would we turn those recipes into cookbooks and how would we get our online faves from the computer screen to the printed page?

The answer was easy: Partner with top chefs, cookbook authors, and some of the best recipe web sites, including Epicurious, Food Network, MyRecipes, Better Recipes, Food & Wine, and Better Homes and Gardens. TasteBook now features more than 100,000 tested recipes from professional chefs and home cooks alike, and magazines such as Gourmet, Bon App├ętit, Cooking Light, Oxmoor House, Sunset, Southern Living, and Coastal Living.

And then we took it one step further. Why not pair up with cookbook authors, editors, and bloggers, call them Guest TasteMakers, and have them create TasteBooks anyone can order or remix themselves? Oh, and yes, we definitely wanted to be able to add recipes from that funky folder. Now that's tasty.

Introducing TasteBook - the easiest way to collect, organize, and share your favourite recipes so you can create stunning family cookbooks. Like most recipes you try the first time, the TasteBook experience probably needs a few tweaks. So send us food for thought; we love feedback, comments, stories, and questions. We're cooking this up for you. Hope you like it.”

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Wow ! just found this blog it's brilliant !