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Saturday, 12 February 2011

The insulin index and protein

In the days when I spent too much time on diabetes forums, a very common post went alone the following lines.

“I have been lowcarbing for around three months, I have lost around three stone in weight and my numbers are good, however, I seem to have stalled on my weight loss and would like to lose another stone”

Have you considered your protein intake ?

We all know carbs require the most insulin to control, then protein, then fat. But how many of us type two’s consider the protein ? Below is a link to an insulin index for various foods, most of the information comes as no surprise, but check out some of the insulin responses to protein foods, a bit of an eye opener eh.

Ok, you may not be seeing too much in the way of a blood glucose spike, but what about the serum insulin levels, could this be causing a weight stall ?

Maybe a reduction in protein, could kick start that weight reduction, and reduce the load on the pancreas.


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