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Friday, 22 July 2011

The most read post ever on this blog. Dr.Jay Wortman on reversing type two diabetes, a must watch !


Anonymous said...

A must watch, I agree. But, it's a "won't watch at any price" for the carboholic knob-heads!

Still, unlike Barry Groves, they have heard of Dr Jay now.


Anonymous said...

What a great post here (Post #22).

Answering the ill-informed argument from Jopar Dr Jay summed up the situation in a dignified and erudite manner.

I wonder how the rabble will react to this?

I particularly loved the bit from the mad dietician intimating that children don't tolerate fat very well.

As usual this sort of statement makes no mention of whether it was the fat or the carbs that caused the tummy upset!

The part that says it all, is this bit:

Dr Jay asked: "Anyone know any studies on minimum carb requirements for children ?"

ally5555 replied "Jay - I am not aware of any and if you get the right diabetes education and insulin ratio to carbs then children can get good control. "

Repeat: "Jay - I am not aware of any..."

So why keep on repeating nonsense with no facts to back it up!

Finally from ally: "It is hard enough for parents with diabetic kids without making their diet more abnormal."


In other words let's poison the poor little buggers - we don't want to inconvenience the parents!

I despair.


Lowcarb team member said...


Of all the lowcarb antis the resident dietition is the most dangerous in my opinion. She can be found all over the internet spouting the same anti lowcarb message. For a non diabetic and a healthcare professional she is a disgrace. Never ever answering a direct question, she likes to sow the seeds of doubt and confusion at every opportunity.

She complains of being stalked but some remember how she stalked others including me on the forum of flog. She could have been a great asset to a diabetes forum but obviously prefers to play the role of agent provocateur. Demanding answers and explanations from others, but never a straight answer to a straight question from her. I don’t have the information, my laptop has packed up or I’m too busy at the moment are some of her stock cop outs. One has to ask the question, is she typical of the dietitions in the UK ? From the many postings I have read on forums over the last three years, regarding comments from diabetics re. the lack of sound dietary information from dietitions, the answer appears to be yes.

If you look at the lack of progress made by the NHS over the years regarding HbA1c numbers, dietitions have had no effect. They never will, until they drop the eat carbs with every meal advice. Almost every Doctor, diabetic Nurse and dietition must have seen the remarkable improvements in some of their diabetic patients. They know, because we tell them, it has been achieved by low carbing. They prefer the eat the carbs take the meds route. Many of the meds are dangerous with side effects and are being banned. Others carry black box cancer warnings and are expensive.

Three years into the crazy world of diabetes, the highest HbA1c number recorded by the many diabetics I know who low carb is 6.2. Typically they are in the low to mid fives. None received any meaningful help from a dietition !


Anonymous said...

What a very nice man and interesting what he says.

Anonymous said...

Excellent video.

Wonder if schools should show it - would certainly be an eyeopener.

Catch them young thats what I say.

Anonymous said...

I agree a great video to watch with all points clearly stated for those who are interested in good facts to take in and act on.