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Friday, 8 July 2011

Nothing changes !


Anonymous said...

We just have to battle on with the low carb message, I dont quite agree Eddie, things are changing, albeit very slowly, in the right direction. More and more people show an interest in cutting carbs, its a start at least.
Karen chocfish

Anonymous said...

We must all keep on spreading the low carb good news. If each of us only influences one person and they go on to mimimise/cut out complications it's just SO worth it.

Come on everyone keep doing your bit.

Anonymous said...

Re: What was your fasting blood glucose number this am??
by cugila » Today, 7:01 pm

"Josie, Anna and viviennem

I will take no lectures from any of you about how the forum is run.

Sue and I have over 6 yrs experience of running this forum and plenty of experience of how to deal with any problems. Your actions here are despicable ! I would normally be very supportive of any moderators but not in this instance !

Before you start criticising people openly on the forum you should acquaint yourselves with ALL the facts not just what you see on the board !

That's all I have to say to all of you but will be taking this further. If you wish to contact me for further details please pm me - that's how moderators were supposed to deal with things - according to my communications with the administrator here !"

Kenny forgets the forum rule that he was so fond of quoting;

"Moderators’ decisions are final and are not up for discussion
Criticism of Moderators and Forum Monitors is not tolerated on this forum. Things may be discussed, but members will be suspended and/or banned for personal attacks."


Anonymous said...

Ken the font of all knowledge, who took ten years to realise carbs effected BG numbers. He has clearly lost the plot big time !

How the mighty fall !

Call a vet, someone needs to put him out of his misery !

Anonymous said...

LOL Ken barges in like a bulldog that's swallowed a wasp, of course Sugarless Sue not far behind. Komik Kutz really.
Don't the idiots realise just how unpopular they are? who the hell is interested in how they were running the forum.
Its an interesting thread, the idiots have not contributed anything useful.
Karen chocfish

Anonymous said...

Cugila is out of order. The place is just getting back to being friendly and he comes in and breaks all the rules he always upheld with such an iron fist Stalin would be proud.

The little man is showing his petty true colors now. And I as a regular am sick of it. And sugerless sue behind the curtains emailing mods and admins about other users for little things as well. It honestly cant get more petty. Both the cretins just need to bugger off and leave the decent people behind and welcome back the guys from here who have useful alternative options :D