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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Summer Time Foot Care, Special Awareness Needed For Diabetes Patients.

"With the peak of summer (and the heat) now upon us, many of us will take time to kick off the shoes and take a walk on the beach or maybe on a grassy field in the local park. Some may even hop into a river or creek to cool off. No worries, right?"

Some good tips here.



Anonymous said...

Excellent tips here, I seem to remember you also did an earlier article on looking after feet.

It is important that diabetics do look after feet carefully and sometimes I feel we do neglect this fact.

"Healthy feet are happy feet"


Anonymous said...

"Healthy feet are happy feet"
Couldn't agree more with you, make sure you keep checking feet out.
In this heat I find it quick, easy and refreshing to bathe them in a nice warm bowl of water - you can add some bubbles - followed by talc and moisturising cream if needed.