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Friday, 8 July 2011

Numbskulls, Deadbeats and other Miscreants.

Ok, I can hear you, here we go again, groan. Believe me I prefer posting interesting and informative links, food ideas and taking it easy, but the idiocy out there reaches new heights by the day. Take this I spotted yesterday.

“I have never subscribed to the notion that a diabetic has to have NON-diabetic numbers to prevent complications. Our T1's will prove again and again that you can live 30-40 years with A1'c even 7-8 or a little higher and have no complications. Science tells us that 'some diabetic retinopathies' can start even in the hi 5's with A1c - but the vast majority of complications don't present until there's a rampant lack of control for very long periods of time and very high A1c's”

30 or 40 years eh, try telling that to a parent of a 2 year old type one diabetic or maybe an eight year old type two. Yes, kids under ten are being diagnosed as type two’s. With good advice and control I would hope they have a lot more than 30 or 40 years before complications set in. By the way the genius that posted the above holds HbA1c in the fives. So this guy holds good numbers but hey, you can play Russian roulette if you want, undertaker maybe ?

This one gave me a chuckle.
“Finally uploaded an avatar..

I chose a Banksy picture, wasn't happy that i had to cut the girls legs off to make her fit.

Anyone else like banksy's work?”

“Hiya , your new avatar is fab ! I have only seen a couple of banksy work , what does make you stop and look intensly at his work is that in its simplicicty its so "profound and speaks silent volumes" His work now sells for mega money!”

"profound and speaks silent volumes" don’t it just. A picture of a child minus limbs on a diabetes forum !

A few avatar ideas, Blind Pugh, Long John Silver or how about Captain Ahab.

Stay tuned.



Anonymous said...

Eeeee Gods, well my type 1 diabetic aunt has been low carbing at 40-50g carbs per day since her diagnosis at the age of 17.
No complications, still cycling, swimming and voluntary work for her.
Good oldfashioned advice this low carbing, no research needed, just a good dose of common sense.
Karen chocfish

Anonymous said...

Oh dear.

Looking at things I think a bit more helpful info may well be needed over there....

Anonymous said...

NewdestinyX talks a load of dangerous rubbish, but at least he's rattled Kenny's cage, who by the way is more concerned about his beloved nice guidelines than the comment about high A1cs being OK for type1 diabetics.