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Friday, 2 January 2015

Lucky For Some - What a Find !

Well it's the 2nd January and our LCHF lifestyle continues as usual, and we just love it. We were fortunate to have found out about this lifestyle and the health improvements it can bring to diabetics and non diabetics. Well, I think the internet / web can be a wonderful thing to enable each of us to take that little bit more control of our lives. It can help spread news and I'm concentrating on good news today.
Our day started with a great LCHF breakfast - sausages, mushrooms, scrambled eggs. A bit later a very light lunch of ham with some pepper sticks and a few cheese chunks .......whilst eating lunch we had the TV on catching up on news. Well this story caught my eye! It's got nothing to do with food or health, it's just a feel good story ....especially for those involved.
Various TV stations and newspapers are of course reporting this and it's thanks to Mail online for these next words:
" An amateur treasure hunter who uncovered one of the largest hoards of Anglo Saxon coins ever found in Britain - worth £1million - almost missed the dig because he couldn't afford the petrol.
Paul Coleman, 59, persuaded his son and a friend to join him on the excavation on farmland in Lenborough, Buckinghamshire just before Christmas so he could split the £45 cost for the journey.
But the unemployed father-of-two hit the jackpot when he dug up the pristine collection of more than 5,000 silver coins made in the reigns of Ethelred the Unready (978-1016) and Cnut (1016-1035).
It is thought that the find could be connected to a mint established by Ethelred at nearby Buckingham and which remained active during the time of Cnut.
The 5,251 coins were in a lead-lined container buried two feet under ground. Only some have been properly cleaned but all have proved to be in excellent condition.
The expedition – in Lenborough, Buckinghamshire – was an end-of-year rally for members of the Weekend Wanderers Detecting Club.
Mr Coleman told the Daily Mirror: 'I found a piece of lead and thought it was junk. But then I looked back in the hole and saw one shiny coin. Then I lifted a larger piece of lead and saw row upon row of coins stacked neatly.
'By that point the excitement had built up and I was grinning from ear to ear.
'I recently borrowed a little bit extra on the mortgage just to tide me over. But this means I will never have to work again - it's a massive weight off my mind.'
The grandfather-of-four said he will share some of his fortune with his metal detector friends  - a customary tradition with a big find - and has pledged to buy a new house for his wife Christine, 53. "
Daily Mail Story here
Now what would you spend that money on ....time to start dreaming !
Have a good day.
All the best Jan

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Anonymous said...

What a find very exciting. Not sure what I would spend money on, wouldn't have to much problem spending it, wisely it would need to be :)