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Saturday, 24 February 2018

We Have All the Time in the World Song By - Louis Armstrong

Does the sun shine on the righteous, or does the devil look after it's own? Around fifteen years ago Jan and I found a place we wanted to retire to. Just before Christmas a home came onto the market in that place, luck was on our side, our offer was accepted and we moved in on the first of February.

I am posting this post via a Dongle, we will have full internet facilities within a week or so, and full service will be resumed, LOL. It's been a tiring few weeks, what with the move, but tonight, we are chilling out, and this music fits the bill. Hopefully, the big man in the sky will grant us some good years to enjoy our retirement. Eddie


Jules said...

I'll go with righteous!
Congratulations! and all the very best for life in your new home. I hope you've had chance to put your feet up and relax. X

Lee said...

Ahhh...the wonderful Satchmo!