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Thursday, 20 October 2011

Bydureon another expensive and next to useless type two drug becomes NICE approved and available !

“Over a time period of 26 weeks, patients received the max dose allowed for each medication. Results showed that patients receiving Bydureon experienced a reduction in A1C of 1.3 percentage points from baseline, compared to a reduction of 1.5 percentage points for Victoza.

Twenty percent of Victoza patients reported nausea, 11% vomiting and 13% diarrhoea . Bydureon patients reported 9% nausea, 4% vomiting and 6% diarrhoea respectively.”

So,  A1c improvement of 1.3 percent, about the same as Metformin that costs pennies per day. And next to nil to what can be acheived with the correct diet and exercise !

Not only that, Metformin has been around years and safely used by millions of people.

NICE has approved this expensive and minimal benefits drug. Who’s receiving the unmarked cash filled brown envelopes, we need to be told !

"The agency’s decision is preliminary. NICE will review comments from the company, health providers and the public and probably will issue a final decision in February, according to the statement.
Bydureon costs 73.36 pounds ($115.56) for a pack of four doses, NICE said."

Type two diabetes, the biggest con ever worked on people around the world ! Eat the right food, get off your butt, and forget about expensive medication.



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