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Saturday, 29 October 2011

Coming Soon !

Are you the type of person that likes to “fill your face with carbs” maybe the sort who will “supplement your winter fuel bill by burning Bernstein or Taubes books” then this is the journal for you. If you prefer to stay on your sofa, shovelling high carb nosh down you neck and trusting big pharma, rejoice, this is the journal for you. Recipes, that cannot fail to raise BG to highly dangerous levels, lipid numbers through the roof and weight ever going up, this is the journal for you !

Coming soon all you anti lowcarbers, the journal for you !


Anonymous said...

Did you be use the free online grammar & spell checker "Carbocheck" when you proof read your comic?

Anonymous said...

The Nazis tried burning books.

Sure, they could burn books. But they couldn't burn ideas. Ideas won't burn.

Anonymous said...

From one of the brighter Carbo mob.

"Oh dear Eddie u are scraping the lowest now - not the pervy iTunes stuff! You need a reality check no one is interested in you or your follower Graham . I would go away if I was you - waste of time and money!!"

Work that out.

graham64 said...

Pervy iTunes stuff!!! you've got a vivid pervy imagination methinks.

No one is interested eh! That's funny your comment was posted on tubs blog which he has devoted to us.

Waste of time and money! Time is not a problem and we are in it for the long haul, get used to it, as for money this blog does not cost a penny.

P.s I think you can get this on iTunes;

Je T'aime,...Moi Non Plus