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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Diabetes warning over soft drinks !

Drinking one or more cans of sugary soft drinks a day is linked to an increased risk of diabetes in later life, a study suggests. A can a day raises the relative risk of diabetes by about a fifth, compared with one can a month or under, say European scientists. The report in the journal Diabetologia mirrors previous US findings.

A diabetes charity recommends limiting sugary foods and drinks as they are calorific and can cause weight gain.The latest research was carried out in the UK, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Sweden, France and the Netherlands.Some 350,000 individuals were questioned about their diet, as part of a large European study looking at links between diet and cancer.

"The consumption of sugar sweetened soft drinks increases your risk of diabetes - so for every can of soft drinks that you drink per day, the risk is higher," lead researcher Dora Romaguera from Imperial College London told BBC News.She called for clearer public health information on the effects of sugary soft drinks.

"Given the increase in sweet beverage consumption in Europe, clear messages on its deleterious effect on health should be given to the population," Dr Romaguera and colleagues conclude in their research paper.

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Anonymous said...

I feel sure it is the massive increase in our sugar consumption that is creating the epidemic of obesity, diabetes and other related health problems. Our nations around the world did not suffer this problem 20 or more years ago did they? I believe it is modern living which is to blame for the decline in health, which is a shame you would think we should be healthier. Perhaps some of us are but for the majority the sugar craving has been embedded in us and the circle of craving is not always easy to break free from.


Anonymous said...

Wow Dee I just love this piece 'the sugar craving has been embedded in us and the circle of craving is not always easy to break free from.wish I'd written it cos its so true and a sugar craving like a chocolate one is so so hard to break. That for me is how I find it hard to stick to a more sensible diet. I know its bad but sometimes I can't resist.I guess im doing ok cos my wieght has gone down and I am cutting out sugary drinks like coke lemonade and the like. I dont want to get diabetes my Grandad had it so it might be in the family. Anyhow tomorrows another day for me not to have a sugary drink and im gonna try to stick with it.