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Sunday, 13 May 2018

Insulin Doubles Death Rate in Type 2 Diabetics

As this study has demonstrated, markers are simply not a valid way to determine effectiveness of a treatment. In type 2 diabetes, the problem isn't a lack of ability to produce insulin; neither is it high blood glucose. The problem is the cells' ability to utilize insulin to transport glucose from blood into cells.

The problem is that cells' ability to use insulin has deteriorated. So, how can it be beneficial to give more insulin when cells are unable to utilize what's already there? Clearly, that's counterproductive.

Yet, that's precisely what doctors do! They give insulin to replace insulin, when a lack of insulin isn't the problem! It should come as no surprise that the real concerns of anyone being treated for diabetes are not answered by insulin treatment.

As this study has demonstrated, forcing insulin into the body actually results in worse outcomes. How many decades has this treatment been in vogue? All that time it's been justified because it reduces blood sugar. But the effects that count—quality of life and longevity—haven't been considered.

There's one lesson to be learned here: Health isn't found in pharmaceutical drugs, not even old tried-and-true drugs.

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paul1976 said...

So often you see type 2's given insulin without a much needed imo plasma insulin test and see them literally injecting a barrel full of insulin a day with no real benefit to BG levels but just more weight gain leading to more IR and a whole cycle of misery and shite...Bloody disaster the current prescribing system!


Lowcarb team member said...

Hi Paul great to hear from you. We are just off to the Lake District for some R and R Meeting up with that old reprobate Graham. I forecast a hell of a hangover in the near future.

All the best mate


Valerie-Jael said...

This sounds alarming! Hugs, Valerie

Magic Love Crow said...

So sad!!