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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Dementicus Maximus !

Hi folks, a few years ago, before I was banned , in total ignominy, from, I ran up against a guy called EricD. Eric is posting at the asylum known as Diabolical ABC.UK. This is the home of the Stalinist, “fat ex copper that used to be a mod” Kenny boy. Eric was a man with one foot in the grave diabetic, who thought carbs were the answer. Fat of any kind was Beelzebub to Eric, and he let us know, with every post. One day he had a run in with my guru Fergus Craig. 

Fergus had argued meat eaters and canines, as we are, were typically fast slim animals.  Fergus commented on Tigers, Leopards and Lions. Eric found a couple of pictures of a domestic and obese dog, together with a bloated and grossly over weight  Lion held in captivity, to demonstrate and forward his argument. Eric said vegetarians were always slimmer in the wild. To which Ferg stated, “Thank you for you comments Eric, I wait with baited breath for the arrival of the anorexic hippo” Ferg is the most knowledgeable diabetic I know, he also has a wicked sense of humour, check this out.

He once asked on a forum, what do you think the BG number is of a Mackerel ? He had been on a fishing trip off the coast of Scotland.  We all came up with numbers from 10 to 4. In the end, he let us know when he checked the mackerel with a BG meter it read low, to be fair, he stated, “the poor blighter, had been dead for an hour” That’s Ferg for you.


From Eric today at the Kensters blog.

"I wouldnt like to bet on it but It seems like DCUK and Eddie are working hand in hand. If anyone refuses to join the lc clique Eddie takes over and ridicules them untill they have had enough and just leave"


Anonymous said...

How exciting - I'm getting name checked by this Eric D person on Ken's blog for 'bullying' Kamon.

Kamon was a deranged loony. I think what he means by 'bullying' was me suggesting by pm that Kamon didn't attack new members for no reason.

What larks.


Lowcarb team member said...

Kamon the barbarian, AKA Kenny boy !


Anonymous said...

RIP kennys forum!!

Anonymous said...

“Thank you for you comments Eric, I wait with baited breath for the arrival of the anorexic hippo”
Good ol' Fergus!!:D A very Much missed member indeed!