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Saturday, 26 May 2012

Kens clique on life support ! His forum didn’t make it !

Any time soon, a priest is going to turn up at, and administer last rights to Kens clique. Like some wounded, writhing beast, that refuses to go down, the clique are a sad spectacle. As always, their fall back position is lies, more lies and the old ace card, the sympathy post. Bonkers has been telling all and sundry about his medical conditions and lack of sleep, as if that may pass as an excuse for his rude, erratic and strange behaviour. For shear gall and hypocrisy, the award goes to the slippery one, Phoenix, when she posted this today.

“It is not just words though. The owner of that blog has at least on one occasion contacted one of their targets by phone and has made clear the real name and location of another..... very amusing.

On a personal level, apart from the emotional effects, the presence of that blog had the effect of curtailing my efforts in fund raising. It stopped me until the very last minute having a charity page and publicising it either on here or on my own blog when I ran for JDFR. 
Quite simply, it was I was afraid to reveal my real name and hence address. (maybe it wouldn'd have caused a problem but the fear was and remains real. 

I have mixed sadness and anger that a link to that blog has been posted on this thread”

Now remember, this is a person that has spent four years posting against low carb and out of date information regarding saturated fats. She knows full well the confusion and fear that her posts cause, but she’s OK. A diet based on carbs, insulin, a pump, and good medical professionals. Hardly Miss Compassionate eh, but wait, she likes to hang out at Carbsane’s blog, extolling the virtues of Hope Warshaw, another arch anti lowcarber, and drug company shill. Wait, it gets better, she bleats about this blog, but recently outed herself, when posting on Carbo’s cess pit for the failed and fallen. Carbo has signposted my family address on more than one occasion. BTW, the member she refers to was just about the biggest idiot the forum had ever witnessed, the resident dietition. For years she posted bilge, and was one of Kens most staunch supporters. When we arranged her exit visa, she rapidly deleted many of her posts, that clearly illustrated her lack of knowledge re basic metabolism. One person, one phone call, lasting seconds, to get confirmation of her identity.

From the Bonkers one today.

“To be fair Stephen he was banned for giving out medical advice to a pregnant woman about a low carb diet would be quite safe for both her and her unborn baby, advice which had Dr Wortman been a UK doctor would have seen him in front of the British Medical Council defending his action of giving medical advice without knowing the patients medical history.

He also argued openly with one of the moderators over his choice of diet and being quite rude about it and I think we are all aware that arguing openly with a moderator on any forum is a sure fire way of getting banned.”

Lies from Bonkers and what a coincidence, Ken posted this today on his blog he calls a forum, set up only to ridicule people who clearly know what he stands for, and what he is.

 “There are even some that have a hissy fit because we suspended then banned Dr Jay.....a rude, arrogant know all who still spouts lies and rubbish on his blog about WHY he was banned. He said our diet couldn't possibly work, unsustainable when weight loss was stable. I don't disagree with that. Trouble is....he NEVER did ask if we were both stable.....just assumed we were. We BOTH are continually trying to lose some weight, to maintain a slow but steady weight loss. i t's ongoing and the diet we chose works for us. WE NEVER stated that was a diet WE pushed either.......Dr Jay again just assumed we did. He was and is wrong and a liar. He was suspended and banned for insulting Sue and I .......NOT because he is a low carber ! He also was giving medical advice when this is not allowed"  

How Ken, the most foul mouthed lying oaf that ever posted on a blog or forum, has the neck to say this about Jay, a highly qualified, highly respected,  and thoroughly decent man “a rude, arrogant know all who still spouts lies and rubbish on his blog” beggars belief. Check out the real Ken by reading the comments on the Memo from a madman and What a mess inside Kens head threads. Anyone with a shred of self respect, and a grip on reality, would have disappeared into oblivion a long time ago.

From Nobhead today when the clique were clearly losing the argument.

“I think if ever there was a thread needed locked then it's this one”

How many times have we seen Nige (I’m with you on this one Sid) post insinuations and dross posts, and when it blows up in his face, going toadying to the admin ? As for Jopar, I need a crash course in gibberology, before further comment.

I would like to apologise to anyone I have not offended. Please be patient, I will get to you shortly.

BTW the post from Jay that the clique  refer to was on salt posted below. Most of Jays posts were deleted by Ken.



Anonymous said...

You may all, of course, choose to disbelieve all this and carry on believing the propaganda and lies spread about us. That is your choice. We know who we are and our information speaks for itself.

From Sue tonight on Kens blog. Pity she has not read Kens comments on this blog. Memo from a Madman and The mess in Kens head. Or is she as mad as him.


Lowcarb team member said...

"Propaganda and lies spread about us"

From Ken, easily available for all to read:

s**t for brains
pile of s**t
s**thole place
Go F**K yourselves

Apart from the last comment, this does show a certain fixation with bowel movement. We do have supportive material from David's late forum to illustrate Ken's anal retentive nature . However, at this moment in time, we feel that the language and images projected are a little too extreme for the like of Sue and indeed for ex-coppers/pipe fitters of a delicate disposition. At a later date it may be necessary to release such material.


Anonymous said...

By wrunkelt aka Ken aka many names on Fri Jan 15, 2010 10:51 pm
Ah, the arrogance of the ignorant.

'Knowledge'.......Information and awareness gained through 'Experience and Education.'

I am not sure which of these two, or if it is both, that you are missing.

Until your sad, offensive intervention here Eddie and I were happily chatting, taking the 'p**s' out of each other, and enjoying some banter. Harmless stuff.

Then you arrived on the scene and showed what a thoroughly nasty small minded individual, with nothing better to do than deliberately be offensive to me, for no reason other than I do not fit YOUR little small minded World.

I am not really bothered if I get banned again, at least everybody here has seen you for what you are............An orifice which is used for defacation. A pompous small minded individual who will never amount to much. A typical bigoted example of someone who thinks he is clever, fails miserably, then tries to claim success. What a sad, bitter and twisted person you really are.

Eddie, see you around mate......Regards Ken.

Gin ye trust afore ye try, Ye may rue afore ye die. (Beaton)

Bird watcher said...

Rumour has it the anonymous post above, was made by black ops and head of lowcarb anti counter intelligence chief, special agent Dick Duck.

Dick has the worlds largest file library of deleted and disappeared posts. Dick knows, he has seen and smelt the pond life. Quack…………

Lowcarb team member said...

Now why would Sid think he's an Ass?

"I do hope this thread isnt going to turn out to be another ass kicking competition aimed at me"


Silly Plonker said...

I am NOT amused

"You two are just so funny lol! lol!lol!lol! NOT"

Silly Sid Plonker