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Monday, 14 May 2012

Diabetes care provision 'crisis' in England

Campaigners are warning that diabetes care in England is in "crisis" - with less than half of people getting the basic care they need.
Diabetes UK warns there are some areas where only 6% of people are getting the recommended regular checks and services.
Its head said the State of the Nation 2012 report showed people with diabetes were getting "second rate care".
Ministers said the report would encourage local NHS services to act.
Diabetes UK wants better risk assessment and early diagnosis for people with the condition.
It says a national audit found only 50% of people with diabetes get all the recommended health checks - ranging from 6% in the worst areas to 69% in the best.
For children with diabetes, just 4% have all their annual checks, they claim.
Care Services Minister Paul Burstow said there was still much to be done to tackle diabetes.
"Our focus is on prevention and education, with more done to get earlier diagnoses and to help people manage their conditions themselves.
"This report and our new strategy will help local NHS services act so that diabetics get the care they need and deserve."


Anonymous said...

The NHS is falling apart at the seams, not only for us diabetics but for many others. I know 'they' are going to blame shortage of funds, shortage of staff, shortage of goodness knows what.
The big question is how are we going to get the system improved? Has anyone got any answers?
In my little way I have to remind and sometimes keep reminding my team of when tests etc are becoming due. So far I have been fortunate but how long this will remain I will have to see.

Lowcarb team member said...

I suppose I'm lucky that I get my annual retinal scan and podiatry appointments, but I do have to chase my surgery up for my diabetic reviews and blood tests.