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Sunday 29 December 2013

What have these children got in common?

They are all low carbers.

Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt with his daughter

Dr. Jay Wortman's daughter Izzy

Two of our grandchildren

These children are probably not low carbing down to Eddie's level but they are not diabetics. One thing can be guaranteed their diets are not based on sugar and highly refined carbohydrates. 

They love to eat broccoli, peas and other vegetables. Celery, carrot, cucumber and red pepper sticks are a favourite snack. One thing that always makes me smile - they both love going to McDonald's, they adore the play area but hate the food. In fact the actual comment was "I like to play Grandma but I don't like chips"

I firmly believe none of the children in this article consume large amounts of sugar. Speaking for my grandchildren they get their sugar from natural fruits like strawberries, blue berries, grapes and kiwi fruit. Kids are always on the go and their energy levels are used up by the good wholesome fresh food they eat.

As soon as they went on to 'solid foods' their mother always prepared fresh foods for them, which were salmon, chicken,broccoli etc which could be prepared and frozen as necessary to be used later. She used small yogurt pots which she filled with the pureed food. Some of her friends used to comment how long it must have taken to prepare. This myth was quickly dispelled.

I live in the hope that the children here, and their generation, may not go on to become obese and do not repeat the mistakes that some of my generation have made.

All the best Jan 


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't feed eat salmon anymore. It's all farmed in Scotland, without being fed a natural diet

Lynda said...

I wish I'd known better when my kids were small. My grandchildren are well fed and that pleases me. Children don't need to eat as low carb as me but I like that they are not fed lots of processed food and high carbs. My influence does affect the choices my daughter makes with them and that pleases me :)

Anonymous said...

There are plenty of kids that are fit and healthy and keep that way all their lives. They don't all get brought up on a LC diet either.
A few newspaper headlines about obese kids is sensationalism.

Anonymous said...

These children look the picture of good health. And their parents are giving them a good start.


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be wonderful if all parents started their children off this way. The savings to our NHS in the years to come with treatment for obesity, diabetes, heart disease being reduced by a large amount would be beneficial to all.

All these children do look the picture of health.


Unknown said...

I had a perfect example of the modern diet in action today - supermarket checkout, obese mother in the next aisle - her slightly chubby toddler starts screaming so she hands him a chocolate bar Doesn't take much imagination to picture what the kid will look like in a couple of years time unfortunately.