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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

2012 Blood Glucose Meter Satisfaction Study.

This inaugural study examines satisfaction among meter users who currently use a blood glucose meter to test their blood sugar levels. Overall satisfaction is measured across six factors (in order of importance): performance; ease of use; design; features; cost of test strips; and training. Overall satisfaction with blood glucose meters averages 827 (on a 1,000-point scale).

Satisfaction among meter users who have experienced zero testing problems in the past 12 months (840) is 81 points higher than among those who have experienced at least one problem (759). Additionally, an easy-to-navigate menu is extremely important to satisfaction, which is 62 points higher among meter users who say the navigation menu is easy to use (849) than among those who say the navigation menu is not easy to use (787).

Roche Diagnostics ranks highest among blood glucose meter manufacturers with a satisfaction score of 838 and performs particularly well in the performance factor, reflecting a high level of confidence among users that they are obtaining accurate readings. Abbott Diabetes Care ranks second with a score of 837, followed by Bayer Diabetes Care at 830.


Anonymous said...

Another good article, an interesting read and link, thanks.


Anonymous said...

Good to see this study. With many diabetics however they are not able to get meters and test strips. In the early days especially it is so important to test to see how your body reacts to the different food groups.If you are not able to get a meter do have a look around the blogs and forums to see how and where people got their meters.I was fortunate with my GP many are not.

Anonymous said...

I agree with previous comments here. When you are newly diagnosed it is important to test regularly to see what foods do affect your BG numbers the worst. It is not right that many newly diagnosed type 2's are not given meters and those that do have one often have their test strips rationed. It could be seen as a false economy because those determined diabetics who do want to keep their numbers under control must save their GP practise money in the longer term by being well controlled and not needing so much medication.
I can only add if you do not have one do look at other blogs, forums, even ebay to see where you can get a good buy.

Sal (still low carbing and getting good numbers)