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Saturday, 22 December 2012

Quotes of the year !

Looking back at some of the great quotes of the last year.

“The attacks are from a certain quarter and certain people.....I will always go on the offensive where they are concerned. They are SCUM......and why any right minded person would want anything to do with the idiot Eddie Mitchell and his pack of rabid Dog's is beyond me.” Ken aka Cugila aka too many names to mention.

"There's a faction on the forum trying their best to disrupt the forum and spoil it for the many, hopefully the Admin will remove these threads and we can all get back to normal and begin helping one another and welcoming newbie’s to the forum, goodness knows what the forum looks like today for people looking in for the first time" Nobhead

"Choking the chicken won't satisfy all my paleo needs...." Borofergie at the forum of flog.

"I wouldn't discuss food with most dieticians, let alone drugs" Grazer on the flog.

“I grant that this does seem to be one of the biggest forums. But it isn't the best forum at all... IMHO it's far from it. As to a doctor recommending this site. If my diabetic team or my GP recommended me to join here. I resign from their care from immediate effect as I would have no faith in them at all.” Jopar at the flog.

And the quote of the decade goes to Borofergie talking to Kenny boy aka Angeleyes. On the flog.

“Please accept my profuse apologies Angeleyes. I was confusing you with a fat ex-copper that used to be a mod on here”

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