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Friday, 21 December 2012

The Jewish Holocaust !

Arguably, the greatest crime in the history of mankind, was the Jewish Holocaust. Over 6 million innocent people murdered, on a mass production, industrial scale. Many deny this ever took place. Yet the evidence is overwhelming. Thousands of eye witness accounts, millions of documents and photographs prove this event to be true.

What’s this got to do with diabetes you may be asking. I believe countless more have been sent to an early grave due to extremely poor diabetes information, and especially dietary information. Diabetics cannot process carbohydrates without drugs. The vast majority do not need the drugs that big pharma push at every opportunity 24/7. Many of these easy option drugs have been banned and proved to kill. The answer is simple, do not eat the foods that make you ill ! The evidence for lowcarbing is massive, but so many deny the obvious. So many deny what stares them in the face. More drugs are not the answer.

Over sixty years on from the greatest crime ever committed, has anything changed ? Greed, ignorance and stupidity still reigns supreme !


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