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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Three days away and still the number one at Carbos cess pit, I love it !

  1. And this post confirms what a complete and utter b'stard you are, not that this has come as a surprise.
    I am beginning to wonder if they dropped you on your head a few times after birth.
    Karma will catch up with you eventually, you will get what you deserve fair and square.
  2. I am absolutely appalled at the last comment by Eddie - no wonder the ETYM forum has dumped him and all of his so called friends have stayed away from the blog.

    Take a look at yourself Mr Mitchell!
  3. You really have surpassed yourself Ediot. You are lower than a snake's belly and it begs the question why anyone would want to associate with you unless they hold the same immoral values as you do.

    ETYM didn't dump him, he left of his own volition. He would still be posting there if the members were in agreement with him. He is unable to debate but takes everything personally. Those who know him are aware that he cannot accept criticism.

    If ETYM had really known him then he wouldn't have even been able to join. The very fact that he was allowed membership there put a lot of people off joining and there doesn't seem to be a lot of movement there anyway. The same old people all agreeing with each other. In order for a forum to survive you need some debating but with the exception of Ediot's controversial contributions, there is nothing going on.

    All there seems to be is an unhealthy "How many Karma's can I get competition" and some re-runs of the recipes on DCUK.

    What would these dullards do without me ! When these misfits, and carb bloated, drug addicted, anonymous and cowardly blowhards agree with me, then I have failed.



Anonymous said...

Ediot, I have news for you, I am the one who called you an utter and complete b*stard, I believe in speaking the truth :-)
I am also neither a dullard, nor a drug addict or carb infested, in actual fact I probably eat less carbs than you do. My personal choice, I dont go bragging on about it because I do believe in freedom of choice and know that despite what you seem to think, low carb is not the only way to control diabetes.
Look forward to karma hitting you, that time will surely come, when it does, go, look over your shoulder, you will see us standing there laughing with all our might. You are an evil, rotten character through and through, its quite an achievement actually.........

Lowcarb team member said...

Anonymous complete b*stard, said...
Ediot, I have news for you, I am the one who called you an utter and complete b*stard, I believe in speaking the truth :-)

Sweetie if you "believe"in speaking the truth you would not hide behind the anon tag, only liars who are afraid of the truth would do that.

I'm sure you are more at home back at the institute for anonymous compulsive liars AKA carbo/tuolards blog.

Say hi to carbo for me sweetie!