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Sunday, 2 December 2012

Johnnie Walker Black Label whisky restores diabetics eye sight !

A pensioner from Taranaki, New Zealand, who went blind after his vodka reacted with his diabetes medication, had his eyes saved by a bottle of whisky. 

65-year-old Denis Duthie decided to have a few drinks to celebrate his parents' 50th marriage anniversary. 

But when he walked into the bedroom of his home, he suddenly found that he could not see anything. 

"I thought it had got dark and I'd missed out on a bit of time but it was only about half-past-three in the afternoon," the Daily Mail quoted him as telling the New Zealand Herald. 

"I was fumbling around the bedroom for the light switch but ... I'd just gone completely blind," he said. 

Duthie hoped he would be able to sleep it off, but after waking up next morning he was still unable to see a thing, so he went to Taranaki Base Hospital. 

As surgery got underway, the doctors thought that Duthie could have formaldehyde poisoning, which can be treated by administering ethanol- a strong type of alcohol found in drinks like whisky. 

However, the hospital did not have enough medical ethanol so a registrar was sent to the store to buy a bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label whisky. 

The whisky was then dripped into his stomach through a tube. 

"I woke up five days later and I could see as soon as I could open my eyes," Duthie said.

Don't try this at home folks.



Team member said...

Personally, I find a bottle of Johnnie Walker cures most ills


tess said...

does it have to be whiskey? i generally prefer gin.... ;-)

Lowcarb team member said...

does it have to be whiskey? i generally prefer gin.... ;-)"

I don't know Tess but as your not on diabetic meds are you bothered?

My favourite tipple is "Vodka" and I'm on meds albeit only one metformin.

Perhaps I should have a bottle of Johnnie Walker in the cupboard as an antidote!


tess said...

:-) you're right. the article just "tickled" me!

Anonymous said...

What a 'funny' article, thought at first my calendar was showing the wrong date.
Personally I quite like the famous grouse - especially on these cold winter nights.