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Friday, 21 December 2012

This ain’t no popularity contest !

Two years on and our blog is going strong. Liked by some, hated by others, that’s just how we like it. Call us whatever you like, but no one can accuse us of being a cakes and commiserations outfit. Our blog ain’t no popularity contest.

Back in 2010 when we started this blog, we had a couple of hundred page views in the first month, now it’s thousands per day. In that time forums have come, and some have gone. We learned awhile ago, if you want everyone to like you, and run a social club that’s cool, but if you want people to read your blog or forum, it’s no good being middle of the road.

There are far too many outfits trying to please all, and end up helping very few. They rapidly become a self appreciation society, and spend most of their time preaching to the converted. Worse still, they push the same failed dietary advice that has lead to the epidemics of type two diabetes and it’s often linked obesity. The NHS and DUK are going nowhere in reducing the grim stats we see in each years published audits. 

There is only one way to control diabetes, especially type two, and that is lowcarb ! Over four years on and I still ask medics, dietitions and antis, how do I control my diabetes on two metformin a day and hold non diabetic numbers, other than lowcarb ? I am still waiting for an answer.


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