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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

DCUK Post of the week !

"I have just written in another thread about carbs - the NHS program us to believe they are necessary, they are not.

Carbs raise our glucose levels, for a type 1 that is big trouble, so a quick acting insulin helps bring them down. However by eating carbs and taking insulin means we are forever up against getting ratios right and then if we take too much we suffer hypos. By trial and error over time I came to the realisation that it is far easier on both my body and brain to omit carbs from my diet, I also read Dr Bernsteins book and to be honest it's a logical approach to adopt a 0 carb or low carb diet. We can still function fine, our bodies are designed to convert fat/protein to energy. Cavemen lived happily on meat diets, carbs like breads, pasta and sugar are all modern adaptations to our diets. 

I no longer suffer highs and lows, moods are better and I have more energy as well as losing half a stone, if eating very few carbs means I have less complications then it really is a no brainer.

It does take some getting used to as you'll find it's difficult to give up carbs as we become addicted to them, but once you're weaned off them it really does get easier."

Juicyj at the flog.


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