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Sunday, 30 March 2014

The Aetiology of Obesity Part 6 of 6: Dietary Villains - Fat Phobia

Is saturated fat from animal products or dairy bad for your heart NO it protects the heart. Will these fats cause more strokes NO far less chance of a stroke. Is low cholesterol good for your health NO check out the video at around ten minutes, the Doctor states in older people tracked over 14 years, for each drop of 1 mmol total cholesterol, the death rate increases over 400% ! A great video well worth your time. It could change your life. Just about everything we have been told about fats is completely wrong. Is a low fat diet healthy NO it turns out it is very unhealthy ! Eddie


Unknown said...

All of his videos are very informative and well worth the time taken to watch them. His other videos on Salt and Calcium are worth a looksee, plus the excellent analysis of how big pharma are lying to HCP's about the use of antipsychotic drugs in dementia patients. Evidence based medicine? Don't make me laugh.

Lowcarb team member said...

Yes, I agree...his videos are extremely informative.

Please do find/take time to watch them ...I'm sure you will be pleased you did.

All the best Jan