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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Golden Gezza awarded to Donnellysdogs !

In a special all night sitting of the board of trustees the vote was unanimous. The trustees agreed after little deliberation Donnellysdogs is the biggest idiot to grace the forum of flog in a long time.

Chairman of the board of trustees. Roger (keto warrior) Jenkins stated today “The low carb antis have spouted complete bollocks for years but 
Donnellysdogs has taken total bullcrap to a new level. Even when she falls down a sinkhole she never stops digging, this nutter has to have the last word, even when she is wrong, she's completely batshit"

Lord Beantipper was less complimentary and clearly wound up said "How a pump user on insulin can spend her life on the flog telling type two members butter, cream and quality natural fats are dangerous and "yum yums" and carbs are the way forward is a sick joke" he went on to say "we have seen these carboholic junkie monkeys before, they are five minute wonders, people have to change their lifestyle for life, not ponce about with 10 minute stop gaps, the Woman is doomed unless she wises up and changes her ways"

So there you have it folks, Donnellysdogs straight out of the Phoenix, Jopar and SarahQ camp of shovel the carbs down and wind up the pumps mob is yet another deadbeat trying it on.

The Sun


Anonymous said...

"100 ml of any fruit juice or smoothie is allowed everday for a type 1... Dont understand why your daughter cant have this, unless its alchohol? Again, in moderation your daughter could have alchohol..

Nothing is truly off limits to anybody if you know portion control,,"

This to me was her best line yet. Yet another carb pushing pumper.

Lynda said...

This is from a New Zealead forum yesterday in answer to what a Type 1 diabetic should eat:

"Once he learns how insulin works for him he should be able to eat most of the usual things. We are taught now to adjust insulin doses to suit us, rather than limit food or diet to keep good control
Your Diabetes educator and Dietitian will have lots of info for you.. "

So there you go, eat what you want and pump up that insulin. I give up.

Lowcarb team member said...

Lynda said...

So there you go, eat what you want and pump up that insulin. I give up.

Hi Lynda, we've seen many examples of that attitude from T1s over at the DCUK forum, some have positively boasted about the amount of carbs they eat, for instance the following was posted recently!

just had 6 cream eggs and enjoyed every bite and i am a T1

Fortunately there are also many T1s who take their diabetes seriously at DCUK.


Lynda said...

Graham - I just read your new post today. I'm astonished that not only are diabetics eating this way, they have the blessing of the diabetes organisations!! It is madness. I've received a lot of criticism on a local health thread about this. As soon as you suggest low carb you might as well say you dine with the devil. Utter rubbish but hey, I suppose at the end of the day it's their life. One diabetic lady I know jsut blogged that she scoffed a whole bag of jelly beans. She cares not a jot.