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Sunday, 23 March 2014

Dietitians - The Shamens of Nutrition

The following is an amusing account of  "experts" stumbling  when asked of evidence from their studies conflicting with their dietary advice

Of course each change in dietary advice would have been parroted by your resident dietitian. Remember "eat no more than two eggs per week"? Did a patient go in one day to "no more than two" and next week ...........



Lowcarb team member said...


After years and a small fortune spent in counselling and getting the resident dietitian at DCUK out of my head "You pull me back in"


Anonymous said...

Nice article. I noticed a link on that page to "heart healthy" meal suggestions and foolishly thought it would follow with a similar theme:

Apparently orange juice counts toward the '5 a day' thing. So 5 glasses must be super healthy. Genius.